Sunday, February 22, 2004


The Flower Woman

I will take down the carnations today
and replace them with a fresh bouquet:
perhaps mums, or daisies bought
from the old woman near the overpass.

I've always wanted to ask her
how she keeps her flowers fresh,
but from her sunken brown lips
I knew that she was robbed of words.

I'd like to be one of her flowers,
robed in the colors of the morning,
bobbing in delight as your hands
reached down and plucked me from the basin.

You wrote down your words on a card
and gave it to me along with the flowers.
Carnations for passion, you said,
as I placed them in the crystal vase.

How was I to know that even with water
and sunlight, the first leaf will wither
and the first petal droop, curving downwards
like a stray tear? Perhaps in the end,

I will be like the flower woman: stooped
on the pavement, wrapped in silence
and dirty rags, wishing to take back
all the words I could have said.


Punta kayo dito. Magbubuhat ako ng sariling bangko muna. ^_^

Free Press Literary Awards Finalists 2004

And this is a guy that I've just discovered (from Meia) who does beautiful artworks. His name is Jason Sho Green. I think I linked him somewhere down there.

Back to writing that History paper...

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