Friday, February 27, 2004


My Brother, Tonight

(on the telephone)

Louie: Hello. This is the Pag-Asa Insurance Company. May I speak to Ms. Gabriela Lee?

Gabby: (having absolutely no idea that it’s her brother on the phone) Um…yeah.

L: Oy, Ate, dyan ako kakain ng dinner.

G: (momentarily confused) Huh?

L: (slowly) Dyan ako kakain.

G: Putang ina, Luis. Ikaw pala yan. Ayoko nga sabihin.

L: Andyan ba si Peloy?

G: Wala. Bakit?

L: E di bakit ka nasa bahay?

G: Bawal na ba akong umuwi sa sarili kong bahay?

L: Akala ko nawawalan na ako ng ate, e. Dyan ako kakain, ha? Sabihin mo na kay Ate Grace. ‘Bye.

Movie Marathon (or After Il Mare)

I had to watch The Soong Sisters Wednesday evening because my CL 122 instructor required us to watch it and make a final paper out of it, using Jameson’s Marxist theory. Peloy was nice enough to accompany me, as well as another GRAILie, Ruzela. Dell came by a couple of hours later, and we were all set.

And since we were all feeling spontaneous that night, we slept over at Peloy’s house because he had acquired new videos, among them Caligula and The Fluffer. (Stop raising your eyebrows, folks – I’ve done enough of that for the past couple of days.) Suffice to say I’ve had my share of B-movies and waggling shlongs (tama ba spelling?) to last for the rest of my life. Particularly Caligula, which offered no respite whatsoever; the last eight minutes were missing from his copy, which meant that our hopes of all hopes – the death of the main character – was never fulfilled.

Yes, that movie was BY FAR the worst I have ever seen. It didn’t even deserve the two stars (out of ten) that was given to it by movie reviewers. Hell, it deserved negative two stars.

And yes, that scene with the woman bathing in semen was true. And it was one of the tamer scenes.

Had to torture Peloy afterwards by aiming for his weak spots. However, the Boyfriend redeemed himself with amazing grace the next day. ^_^

And Tatay had invited me to watch a movie Thursday evening at Greenbelt 3, which I gladly accepted because I haven’t seen civilization outside of UP and its surrounding areas for the past few weeks. We watched Nancy Meyer’s Something’s Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Beautiful film, and I absolutely loved the writing and the comedy and the poignancy of the story. It’s very hard to write and sell a romantic comedy when your principal actors were all over 50 years old. Suffice to say that it worked amazingly.

And Diane Keaton was brilliant in that movie.

Prior to that, we had dinner at Banana Leaf Curry. I missed their roti and curry, and their nasi goreng was definitely something not to miss – I have never tasted peanut sauce as thick and tasty as theirs. Dessert was at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar, and while the prices were definitely steep (Php 150+ a cup!) it was sooo worth it. I had dark chocolate with orange spice, and they have these cute little mugs that you have to cup with both hands and ohmylovinggod it was DEFINITELY chocolate. I even bought a little chocolate bar to bring home just because it tasted fantastic. And it was definitely more potent than any coffee I have ever tasted – except maybe that cappuccino cheesecake at Tagaytay. (Remember those, Aster-chan? *tingles*)

Mmm. Chocolate.

Busy Bee

I was making a list of my final requirements for this semester, and so far I have to revise seven (count ‘em: seven) works for my various CW classes, one personal essay to write, one theoretical paper to write, an oral report on The Lord of the Rings, and a final exam in History. Aside from that, I still have a class exhibit and storytelling to organize for my Writing the Picture Book class, and editing my entries to the Amelia LapeƱa Bonifacio Literary Awards (five poems and a short story), and various editing jobs that I have already promised myself to.

This is why I love my life. Everything comes to me three weeks before school ends.

I want my summer already.


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