Saturday, February 28, 2004


The Result of a Long Afternoon Nap

I haven’t had any weird dreams lately, but it seems as though my subconscious mind has decided to throw everything at me in one go.

This afternoon, I dreamt that I was in this really nice bookstore with my mother. Actually, it seemed more like a museum than a bookstore, on account that there was no one else in sight, and the silence that filled the room was almost sacred. The walls were pure white, and the floor was wood paneled, and there were little alcoves marked with whatever books it contained.

When we got to the children’s book section, we went inside and on the shelves were these books that had a picture of a purple penguin on them. In fact, there was even the stuffed toy version of the penguin looking down on us. There was this room behind the shelves, and it was filled with stuffed white bunnies, sort of like gigantic white cushions that you can basically lie down and read. Nanay saw this computer in the room, and immediately went towards it and started running its virus scan. On the other hand, I saw this little boy who seemed lost. He was wandering around the room and clambering over the bunny cushions. Finally, he climbed on top of a giant bunny head and slid down, and promptly disappeared from my sight.

When I followed him, I spied this little room just off the corner of my eye, and for some reason it looked so inviting, with golden rays of sunlight filling the space. I immediately wanted to go there, and so I climbed over the bunny cushions, and started to fall.

When I finally landed, I was in this gigantic industrialized gymnasium of sorts, with black iron girders criss-crossing the ceiling. Immediately, bleachers were starting to be lowered to the floor, and there were people on these bleachers that started clapping in rhythm. And then Ara Mina came out from the audience, in this incredibly tight black t-shirt that showed off her breasts, and incredibly short denim shorts (think Kylie Minogue hot pants). She shook my hand and said that I won the contest and that my prize was a chance to ride the gyropter, which was sort of like this carnival ride made out of black coils and steel that was a cross between the Octopus and EK’s Flying Fiesta.

I freaked out, but Ara Mina rode along with me. And while we were riding, I had closed my eyes and I was telling her in the calmest voice that I had, that I was afraid of heights, and then I told her that I had almost managed to castrate my boyfriend out of sheer panic and fear when we rode the rickety Octopus ride at the UP Fair. She patted my hand and the ride came to a stop, and then this funny little old lady came aboard and I suppose she was the next one who wanted to ride the gyropter. I went around looking for my bag, and then I woke up.

I had a gigantic headache afterwards.

Motivate Me!

It’s nicer to be lazy than to work. But I know I have to finish all that I’ve started this semester and start getting busy. But I can’t seem to get my heavy head off the pillow and right side up. If anyone can recommend uppers, please do – coffee does not seem to be working anymore. Something legal, okay? I don’t want to spend that much money on something illegal and is being sold underground.

Back to revising stories.

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