Sunday, February 29, 2004


Shoutouts Before Bedtime

Happy Birthday, Kara Zoe! You’re five years old today! *raises wine glass for a toast* See you later at the Grey Table/birthday lunch.

Happy Birthday, Camille, kahit bukas pa talaga ang 20th birthday mo, at hindi mo naman alam na may blog ako. ^_^ And I’m glad that Mark is here to celebrate this occasion with you. You deserve the good things in life, cousin.

And for Peloy, for six months of loving you (I do not know how else to say this, and this is the most perfect way I can express how I feel):

I love you with that invisible urge which has to overcome the boundary between courage and fear to say that we are in love, because the fact that it’s not a lie is not nearly enough.

I love you with this wonderful and vertiginous balancing act between what we have and what we dream of. The moment when no disease is infectious, no sin unforgivable, no obstacle insurmountable. And ultimately, no past forbidding and no bad experience decisive. It is not only uncertain, tormenting, amd wonderful at the same time, there is also the element of ambition, a wish to climb a steep hill regardless of what we might see from the top.

-- from Arnost Lüstig’s novel, “Lovely Green Eyes”

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