Saturday, March 27, 2004


In a couple of hours I will have to go upstairs, take a freezing cold bath, and dress up for Louie's graduation. Lunch (which I'm looking forward to) is at Mario's.

I admire my brother, to tell you the truth. He didn't fall into the trap most graduating girls do: excessive nostalgia. And while I know he's going to miss his school, he's not overly sentimental about it. In fact, the other day we were already looking up possible class schedules for him over at the CRS website and it was really cute, realizing that my baby brother - though he's a few inches taller than me - is now also growing up.

Which isn't to say that he doesn't lapse into being a retard more often than not; actually I think all guys do that. ^_^

In other news, Nanay, Peloy, and myself spent most of yesterday milling around Megamall. Got myself a new wallet, pink flip-flops (why is everything I own pink nowadays?) and a whole bundle of underwear. Poor boyfriend finally experienced a "light" shopping expedition with me and my mother, i.e. just the afternoon. By 4 PM he was already begging us to sit down somewhere.

But it was incredibly sweet of him to accompany us yesterday, kahit siya nga lang yung ginawa ng nanay ko na isang dakilang taga-buhat. And my heart almost melted when he disappeared for a few minutes and came rushing back up the escalator bearing a single rose - it's a hybrid red and white, and although it doesn't have a scent, it now graces our dining table beautifully.

And it now seems that I am ON SUMMER VACATION! *does the Nestea Iced Tea plunge* Oh joy, thank god, praise the heavens. I am now a very happy clam. Two weeks of doing nothing...just sleeping late, waking up late, and eating a lot of food in between. ^_^ Oh yeah, I'm supposed to NOT gain weight; must start exercising again. *looks at boyfriend meaningfully* At least someone will be happy that I'll do that. ^_^ We'll see. If I'm not taking up summer classes, I may just want to re-enroll in taekwondo at the UP gym. Hell, it's better than just walking around the Acad Oval - which was what I did the summer before last - and it did not help at all. Granted, I stopped after a couple of weeks 'cos waking up at 6 AM on your summer vacation to walk does not appeal to me. At all.

Otherwise, am hoping six units everyday will do the trick in making me lose the excess weight. One can be hopeful, after all.

And weirdly enough, my throat has been feeling sore for the past couple of days. Well, not my throat, really, but the side of it - I think they're the lymph nodes or something like that. Basta weird kasi whenever I swallow, my left ear would hurt; it's like having your ears popped except that it never pops so you feel incredibly short-changed. It got to the point yesterday evening that it was so painful I was starting to become listless and irritable and I couldn't speak because just opening my mouth already hurt.

But all it took was salt-and-water, some paracetamol, and a whole truckload of throat lozenges to make it all better. Oh, and some sleep was also nice.

At any rate, have to line up at the bathroom already. The world is starting to wake up.

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