Sunday, April 18, 2004

APRIL 18, 2004 (SUNDAY)


1. Situation

So here’s the situation: I passed the Dumaguete National Writers Workshop. It’s from May 3 to 21. This is the vacation I’ve been waiting for.

Unfortunately, I’m also enrolled for two classes: CL 182 and STS. Classes end May 17.

2. Pros

- If I go to Dumaguete: it’s an opportunity of a lifetime, because it’s one of the most difficult workshops to get into. It’s three weeks of being in an environment I’d enjoy and with people who are on the same wavelength. Friends of mine are also going to be there (hello, Mitzie!) and I will definitely maintain my reputation – or whatever remains of it since I abandoned it – as well as make some v.important contacts. Oh, and did I mention it’s a free vacation?

- If I stay in school: I won’t have any difficulties come the next schoolyear, and will definitely have an easier time doing my thesis. I will still maintain my grades. I’ll surely graduate on time. And I don’t have to go through the necessary red tape that I will most probably encounter in dropping classes. And I won’t be missing Peloy, since we’re classmates.

3. Cons

- If I go to Dumaguete: I will most probably have to drop my subjects. (Of course, I shall be talking to my teachers come Monday to ask if we can work things out and I can just get extra work in exchange for missing half the summer term. But we’re not sure how they’ll react.) I’ll have a full load for the next two semesters (18 units) and there’s no space to mistakes. I'm not sure if I will still be able to maintain my grades. I’ll be neurotic since I’ll be missing the love of my life…at least for a few days. (I’ve absolutely no idea how he will react, but I'm sure it’s going to be a better reaction than mine.)

- If I stay in school: I will have to reapply to Dumaguete next year, since I can’t defer my fellowship – and that’s probably going to be even worse. The reputation, wherever it is, will definitely suffer. I’ll probably regret it for the rest of my life, and keep on hitting my head on the wall and telling myself what an idiot I am.


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