Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Vacillating between sleep and a tummyache. I think I ate something that's not agreeing with me right now. Must be that cold tuna sandwich. Addendum: tummyaches are not good when one is experiencing the first pangs of PMS cramps. T_T

Three more days of school to go. Finally went off to buy stuff I need for Dumaguete. Hope that my underwear doesn't run out - unlike Mitzie's v.important problem - during the three-week course. Naturally, I am sure that laundry will solve that particular problem. Also bought some cute things for myself - Simple Pleasures at Megamall (an offshoot of the Regalong Pambahay franchise) apparently sells those hooks and tiny chains and silver charms and beads that one can use for making those pretty dangling earrings. Spent an hour or so wrestling with those tiny bits in order to make some experimental earrings for myself. Hurrah!

Suddenly realized that I'll be doing some schoolwork at the workshop. *sigh* The price one has to pay. Oh well. I hope this will be sooo worth it. ^_^

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