Thursday, April 29, 2004


(Playing the Y!M PopTarts game with Aster, who gave me a cow earlier. V.additicing!)

Actually slept for a bit before tackling my CL 182 readings. Can't afford to slack off, now that I know that I'll be writing at least three papers in Dumaguete. Not quite good, but at least I know I'll have a grade when I come back from the workshop. (This is what happens when (a) you're running for honors, and (b) you're grade-conscious.)

Funny dream: I was on a date with my first-sem-second-year (got that?) crush, Norman, and we were getting ice cream at the Shopping Center. Noticed that the ladies there, the ones who were serving us, were grinding some sort of white pills into the ice cream. Apparently, they were like uppers: it was like this buzz that went through your head and forced you to stay awake until your eyeballs were literally popping from your head. Freakish.

Was watching Peloy sleep earlier on my bed. I was sitting cross-legged at the foot, hugging Simone the Sheep and flipping through pages, when he started sort of flailing about and breathing really hard. I shook him awake - he was having a nightmare. He said that he was trying to move his hand to shake me so that I could wake him up, but his body went all frozen on him. I got scared for a bit there; these episodes aren't fun things. I mean, normally he just breathes sort of funny when he sleeps (he snores, teehee) and sometimes his muscles sort of...shudder. But he's never hyperventilated like he did earlier. That was just...frightening.

At any rate, we watched "The School of Rock" tonight. Saw it before at Kara's birthday celebration, but it was nice seeing it again. The music was great, too. ^_^ Tomorrow we watch "Masikip sa Dibdib" as per Caloy's recommendation.

It's nice to see everything coming together and actually starting to be normal. What I wouldn't give for a little bit of routine. However, knowing the universe, there will be some meteoric crash of some sort that we will have to deal with AGAIN as soon as we get complacent. Hence: never let down your guard! Fight! ^_^

Must eat food. There's nothing in the fridge except cold pancit.

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