Saturday, May 01, 2004

MAY 1, 2004 (SATURDAY)

Peloy gave me a pretty pretty Pucca bag for our eighth month. ^_^ He delivered it at the house yesterday. *glomps The Boyfriend*

Last night, my family and I went out to Greenbelt 3, ostensibly to celebrate Louie’s birthday in advance and to give me my “despedida” – as if I was never coming back. (It’s only for three weeks, people!) Wanting to eat somewhere new, we tried out this new restaurant, Pizza Express, which was squished between Global Café and Via Mare’s Oyster Bar.

What a let down.

Granted, the food was incredible. But for 1K+ it was so not worth it. And they didn’t tell us that the drinks were refillable, so there we were, trying to save up our iced tea, when all the while we could’ve just ordered more. And their servings for two was approximately for one, and the pizza was something I could have finished in one sitting – that was 10 inches? Please. So not filling.

I suppose it was because it seemed more like a date place rather than a family place. or maybe because we were all looking forward to a filling meal and we didn’t get what we were expecting. We had to relocate to Café Breton to actually find satisfaction. *sigh* Sayang talaga yung pera.

Aside: The UP Singing Ambassadors performed at the Greenbelt 3 park last night; the night before was the UP Concert Chorus – I wish I knew earlier, since Camille would’ve been performing then. Call me biased, but I enjoy the UPCC performances better. It’s a lot more fun.

Finally found my Dumaguete soundtrack: Belle and Sebastian’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress. I just tried it out on a lark, listening to it at Music One. It’s that exact mixture of good music and amazing songwriting. *pats self on back* Good choice, Gabby, good choice. Also found the beginning threads of a new story somewhere during the humdrum of riding the bus back from Ayala; maybe I’ll have time to write it down in the next three weeks.

By the way, I won’t be able to update as regularly as I used to – there’s no computer at the place we’re staying, so we still have to relocate at an Internet café. However, feel free to write or to bother me *points to sidebar, where all contact details are placed* I love receiving letters! ^_^

All things considered, this is me saying au revoir! See you in three weeks!

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