Monday, May 10, 2004

MAY 10, 2004 (MONDAY)

Today is election day. And since my personal civic responsibilities seem to be down to nil, I am not voting. Yes, and this country will soon go to the dogs. (cue the Baha Men song)

At any rate, had to take pictures down and re-edit them for better viewing. My apologies to those who were seriously disturbed by the largeness. Ako rin naman, nagulat. ^_^ I'll try and post them again as soon as I finish tinkering with my photobucket account.

Dumaguete is so full of contradictions that you find yourself wondering how to describe the place. It's just begging to be romanticized - what with the quiet evening streets punctuated by the roars of tricycles, the ocean and the moon and the sea breeze, camaraderie between people that you've known and people that you've met. Unlike the pace of Manila, everything here is laid-back, more prone to staying still instead of movement.

I suddenly realize why so many writers have written about Dumaguete, about the experience, about what the workshop has to offer. It's that merge of craft and inspiration, learning how to be and what you're capable of: it's falling in love with writing all over again.

And somehow, I also learn little things along the way: how to deal with inebriated roommates, how to manage life on 200 bucks a day, how to walk from here to there and everywhere, how to write over and over again. I am sinking into Dumaguete more and more everyday. It's like fighting against an undertow, but as each day passes, the strength ebbs and you surrender just a little more, until finally your head disappears below the calm surface of the water...

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