Monday, May 17, 2004

MAY 17, 2004 (MONDAY)

Still Stuck at Bohol

...and hoping that there is really no storm forthcoming.

It was a really bad wake-up call to open your eyes and realize that the air-conditioning was turned off at 6 AM and to trudge downstairs, still bleary-eyed, only to be told that all morning trips were cancelled due to PAG-ASA's declaring of Signal #1 for Bohol. Strangely enough, Dumaguete wasn't affected by this typhoon at all.

Last night was really bad. (For more details, go to the other blog. What other blog, you say? It's linked somewhere over there on the sidebar, beside camy's name.)

But I'm okay now, honest.

Just hoping that we can get off this island as the sun's coming out already and the puddles are drying up.

Tourist For a Day II

...will be postponed until I get back to Dumaguete because I am so not in the mood.

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