Thursday, May 20, 2004

MAY 20, 2004 (THURSDAY)

I hate workshop politics. And you thought these things only happened in the past. Whatever happened to judging the work through its own merits and not getting personal? GODS.

And you'd think that these people would be professional enough about it. Pfft.

In other news, I've finally figured my angst out. Good timing: only during the second to the last day of the workshop do I finally make a breakthrough in self-analysis. Freud would be proud of me! (I'm sorry for the angst; I hope you'll forgive me - I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with when these things happen and I wouldn't be surprised if you're just a teeny bit fed up with me.)

At any rate, second to the last night already. Tomorrow evening, after the sessions, we go up to Montemar, Mom Edith's house, and have our little thanksgiving presentation as well as our "graduation rites." Still don't know what we'll be doing - James suggested the blood compact, but we're all a bit queasy with regards to that one. As for Myrza's suggestion to sing '70s songs...ah, never mind

Last day tomorrow. Can't wait to get home!

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