Friday, May 28, 2004

MAY 28, 2004 (FRIDAY)

*looks at entry below* My my, I was an angry girl last night, wasn't I?

Chalk it up to hormonal imbalances. Though I've been using that for so long even though my period has been delayed yet once again. Pfft. Don't we all just love irregulars?

At any rate, no MY HAIR IS NOT GREEN, MARIE. It's just been cut and styled and there are highlights - I think, since they put color in my hair, but although she was searching in vain, Ginny couldn't find the color - courtesy of the Maestro Ojie of David's Salon. Hopefully, when I get out into the sun (as if there's sun right now; the rainy season is here, folks!) As usual, stubborn little me refused to have anyone touch my eyebrows - until Ojie calmly whipped out a razor blade from somewhere and commanded me to close my eyes. Before I knew it, the cold blade was touching my skin, and there goes au naturale...

Prior to that, had an amazing foot spa (so that's how it feels like!), pedicure, and manicure at Tips 'n Toes Tomas Morato. The service was amazing, and totally worth your money. ^_^ So now, at least I don't have Dumaguete feet anymore. Hehe. It was NICE.

And yes, I owe Ginny a yacht when I'm rich and famous.

At any rate, yesterday was also the finals of American Idol Season 3. AND YES, FANTASIA WON! *hehe. spoiler* Louie and I were cheering and going insane in our seats because the performances were...whoa. Ruben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson were also around, and they performed, and then all the Idols (the Top 12) performed a medley and then Diana and Fantasia sang and hugged each other and then Ryan Seacrest announced the winner and OH MY GOD, YES, FANTASIA BARRINO IS OUR NEW AMERICAN IDOL!

Can't wait for World Idol. ^_^

New poem:


It was always about desire.

Even before the chase,
she was already taunting him:
her shadowed gaze,
heavy with want
the gravity of her eyes

He could not look away -
she was forever half-hidden
behind trees: sinewy figure
blending in with the sun-dappled
green forest where he hunted.
She followed his tracks on the ground,
her eyes darting, like dark fishes,
needing to meet his body
warm flesh at high noon.

Finally fed up, he gave chase,
feet crashing through the undergrowth
orienting his body towards hers,
surrendering to the waters of her desire.

But she ran, realizing that her god
also had brute's hands and eyes
the color of the sea when drowning.
The pull was too fast, too startling:
her heart thump thump thump
thumping footsteps on the soil.
She did the only thing she could -
sadly, her father gave her her wish

and before she could see the river
the earth had captured her for its own.
Like scales, her skin shattered
allowed bark and root to anchor her from flight
and before he arrived, her words of regret
blossomed into laurel leaves.

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