Monday, June 14, 2004

JUNE 14, 2004 (MONDAY)

Romantic Proposals

Tonight was probably the best Queer Eye… episode that I’ve seen – considering the fact that it was a marriage proposal from who was perhaps the cutest straight guy on the show so far. You could see the Fab 5 salivating from the moment he opened the door. And my goodness, if the girl didn’t say yes after everything that was done to the guy, and to their apartment, and to the food and the ambiance and the chocolate and the ring ohmygoodness, when will I get that?!

*melt melt melt*

Honestly, that’s all a girl needs. Romance. The whole fairy-tale-sweeping-her-off-her-feet sort of moment that’s the stuff of poetry and Spanish soap operas and Shakespeare. You will not believe how much girls put up with from guys as long as they know that they love that person. And most girls don’t really need much – just a moment to make them feel special: whether it’s surprising her with a visit, bringing her flowers, opening the door for her. Little stuff. Girls just need to feel protected and comforted once in a while, and even the staunchest feminist will melt with a heartfelt hug.

And then, of course, I can see all the guys’ eyes rolling heavenwards while reading this because it takes sooo much effort and why can’t the girls just get off their backs about the whole romance shtick? Isn’t enough that they’re there? It’s expensive and it takes so much time and preparation and effort…

And isn’t it worth it to see her face light up with excitement and appreciation? Isn’t it worth it to remind her why she loves you in the first place? And isn’t all of this worth her happiness?

Damn, I wish I wasn’t so romantic. ^_^ I swear, there are moments that I have a feeling I was a guy in one of my past lives. (And before Ginny says anything, no, I have no plans of becoming lesbian. I am perfectly happy being as straight as a ruler. I like guys, okay? I’m happy with the way God made me, and made them, and it all goes together like chocolate and milk.) I can plan romantic situations with a snap of my finger, dammit. Now, if only society didn’t dictate that we girls should stay passive little amoebas until Mr. (Un)Imaginative Man comes along…

But still – I like romance. It’s what makes the whole world bearable. It’s what makes this whole experience worth it. It’s the closest thing we have to magic. It will never have an explanation; it just goes with the moment. Call me idealistic and old-fashioned and naïve, but I’m still waiting for that one person to sweep me off my feet, for that one great love affair like it was in the old movies, for that one guy who will make me feel that I am worth everything in this world.

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