Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Stranger Fiction

And as if I thought I wouldn't get any stranger than this, check this out:

15-Minute Summary of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

(Disclaimer: I think I saw a porno like this one...)

Had first meeting with Fiction 2 class today, which instructor Luis Katigbak termed as "Stranger Fiction." I think I shall enjoy playing around with this one. Wait 'til we put up our group blog, wahey! Missed CW classmates, too. Lots of running jokes and non sequiturs being passed around. Missed Arvin - apparently he has work already. Will be waiting for his paycheck, and then we will all pounce. May utang na siya sa amin ni Kurt at Kelly.

Tomorrow will be meeting most of my classes, too. Already have homework in French - so not good. Hoping that other classes will not be as bad as cannot afford to get anything lower than a 2 this semester if I still want to run for honors. Will be running my evaluation forms already for graduation this week. *tingles* Graduation...

(Still cannot afford to be nostalgic.)

I must buy a proper tape recorder soon, as I cannot do magazine interviews without one, apparently. However, if there are any kind and rich souls out there willing to sponsor a poor writer for these kinds of things, I will be more than grateful. ^_^

Must start working seriously, also. How does one get a TIN number, and are students allowed to get these things?

At any rate, will still have to catch up on a number of things. Slowly but surely, life starts to normalize.

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