Thursday, July 01, 2004


Massive Aneurysm, That One

How many episodes was that again? Four? Five? Back to back to back? I missed watching The X-Files. ^_^ And it was a much-needed break from schoolwork and work work (not much these days, since it's the lull between freelance assignments) and thesis.

Speaking of which, I must start working on that damn thing. I've suddenly realized that I can be easily debunked by the more knowledgeable of the CL/English students. *stares at literary knife poking myself in the chest* However, I'm sticking to this theme of mine, and I wanna make it work, even if it kills me.

I'm technically supposed to be studying French right now (Je ne parle pas francaise, pardonez-moi) but my brain refuses to comprehend the conjugation and the sentence structures. I don't hate the language; my mind just freezes over whenever I approach the textbook. Plus, my instructor speaks faster than Speedy Gonzales, and so the frozen brain becomes rock-solid. Watch me dither through our first quiz tomorrow.

In other news, things are normalizing. Seriously. The weather might be getting weirder, but at least life is normalizing. *wipes sweat off brow* This is good. No more drama.


Other stuff you guys might want to know, including...

...the title of Book 6 of Harry Potter.

...Neil Gaiman's amazing amazing speech at the recent Harvey Awards.

...this little event on July 3, simply known as Free Comic Book Day.

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