Sunday, July 18, 2004

JULY 18, 2004 (SUNDAY)
The Weekenders
Got back from a night out with Gandalf & Co. past 1 this morning. Went to a new wave music bar just along Kalayaan Avenue, Klub 102, and again survived another evening talking poetry and avoiding drinking alcohol. What is it with people? When someone doesn’t want to drink, they try all sorts of coercion tactics to make that person’s resolve waver. Same thing with smokers. I mean, I’m probably part of a dying race already, the ones who actually attempt to live cleanly – even though I’m probably going to die earlier because a number of my friends smoke and there goes my lungs with all that secondhand smoke.
Realized that I missed these people. ^_^ It’s nice to realize that your friends miss you too – haven’t hung out with them for ages, and am glad that they still want me around. Hoping that I will get money soon, as social life seems to be blossoming and am quite frightened that allowance does not seem to cover all expenses. So not good. At this point, it seems that my being a student is an extracurricular activity already.
Woke up with a resolve to study and get rid of backlog readings, but does not seem to be working, as it was already approaching noon. Spent the afternoon playing band manager to (a still nameless) GRAIL band composed of Maia, Meia, Al, and Al’s friend Aivan, who are playing at Friday’s CAL event, ReSONAnce. Yes, for once, GRAIL is participating in these events. I am surrounded by incredibly talented people, and today was proof of that. Am wondering if I can actually get gigs for them, but we’ll see how Friday turns out. Seems like I am still working for Dell’s blossoming video business, as well as plans for GRAIL’s Artist For Hire project – which is like an affordable graphics design pool that is catering towards students. One of them fund raisers we’re hoping to get off the ground in order to pay for the upcoming exhibit next semester, and hopefully Gutterspaces. *gasp* Am hoping I’ll be able to juggle these responsibilities alongside possible EIC-ship for the college yearbook (if it pushes through), thesis, and freelance work.
Dinner at Lola’s was delicious – had crabs stewed in ginger sauce, shrimp, green mangoes and pork liempo. Of course, there was ice cream! ^_^ Must have eaten a few platefuls over there, and then crashed in front of the TV. Gave an impromptu history lecture for cousins’ benefit regarding the Russian history and the fall of Tsar Nicholas – we can all thank the Disney Channel and Anastasia for that, I suppose.
Realized that my backlog of readings include English 191’s history of the development of rhetoric and the composition class in America, my thesis readings, and I must start working on that pseudo-anthology that the prof is requiring us for thesis class. This week’s plate is pretty full: first poetry workshop tomorrow, final interviews for GRAIL’s applicants, an interview with the CAL Dean’s Office regarding reaffirmation of the org, ReSONAnce and other SC affairs – including attending what might be my first ALC tomorrow and wrangling for a prime spot for my girls’ performance of Friday. Will also be called back for my second interview at that multimedia firm, and perhaps work starts already by next week. Oh yeah, and there’s schoolwork. Can’t afford to slack off now – everything seems to be rolling along smoothly. 

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