Friday, July 02, 2004

JULY 2, 2004 (FRIDAY)

Although technically it's a Saturday already - or at least that is what my mindset is affording me right now - my clock says that it's still a Saturday, and I think Blogger will publish this with Friday attached to the timeline. It's already 1:11 AM, Saturday.

Anyway, I think after the whirlwind dervish dance of yesterday and today, (and this weekend too, methinks) I find that my time is being divided into discovering things and places and experiences, as well as sitting down in front of my computer and thinking. I know that I am supposed to be writing, that I am supposed to be immersed in writing, but I don't want to waste the last year of my college life stuck in an intellectual rut while life is happening just right outside my window.

Thursday Evening: Of Guardian Angels, Zatoichi, and the Amazing Coke Can Experience

Ruzela, I knew, had been waiting for this moment for at least two weeks - at least when I informed her that Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi was going to be the opening film for this year's Cinemanila celebration at Greenbelt. And so, in true GRAIL fashion, we trooped over to my house to leave our heavy books and Zena's car and then proceeded to brave the EDSA traffic with less than an hour to spare.

Let me digress: last year, Peloy, Dell and myself did a mad dash from Glorietta 4 to Greenbelt 3 in an effort to catch Lan Yu. This was in August, during Dell's birthday. This year, we did a mad brisk walk from Glorietta 4 to Greenbelt 3 in an effort to catch Zatoichi, only to find out that Cinemanila was being held in Greenbelt 1.

Already footsore and weary, we trudged onwards to Greenbelt 1, where we discovered that the opening screening of the film was 8 PM, instead of 7 PM. However, it also turned out that Zatoichi was on an invitation-only basis - something that the press releases and the official website failed to inform us. You could see the spirit go out of us as soon as we learned this little bit of info - Al was already in full venting mode, Zena was trying hard not to show her irritation, and Ruzela was unusually quiet. I was incredibly disappointed, because I just wanted to watch a movie. The only (seemingly) unaffected ones were Dell and Peloy, who seemed rather calm considering the fact. Chalk this up to one more difference between boys and girls.

So we were all miserable, huddled in one booth at PopEyes Chicken Pops and salvaging the rest of the evening when who should come walking into the mall but Ruben, Titam, and Laika - who were all there to watch Zatoichi. Apparently, Titam was given invites because of the fact that her pretty, pretty animation cum thesis, Flower Trail was short listed and so she was given four invites, one of which was still not taken. Of course, when asked who wanted to watch with them, everyone pointed to Ruzela, who looked as though she had won the lottery right then and there.

Of course, cousin Laika played guardian angel and offered her invitation as well - and the first runner-up was Al. Hugs were passed around like candy, and good will sparkled all of a sudden, you'd think it was Christmas morning. The rest of us mere mortals ended up wandering around the Ayala malls area - separating into two groups, with Laika and Zena heading one pack, and myself, Dell, and Peloy into another direction - and eventually colliding into each other like small suns in the general area of Seattle's Best Coffee in Greenbelt 3.

But the buck doesn't stop there. Finally managed to hear the story of the adventures of a couple of friends, and how they saw a man whose hard-on defined all hard-ons in the world when he smashed a Coke can against his raging bull (pardon the euphemisms: this document might fall into the hands of children) and crumpling it in half. As in CRUMPLING. As in, okay boys, there goes your manhoods. Beat that. ^_^

Afterwards, the moviegoers emerged from the bowels of Greenbelt 1, and we all said our goodbyes - Ruben was doing carpool for the Katipunan people, and so Dell, Peloy, Zena, and I took the bus from Ayala to Philcoa. Feeling a wee bit adventurous, we decided to expose Zena to the seedier side of life: we got down at the QC Circle a bit past midnight already and took her "around" which basically meant that we taught her how to spot call boys. Yes, this is a habit Dell and I picked up from hanging around too much with Peloy. (Best count: 24)

When we got to our place, we realized that there were at least three parked cars behind Zena's car. And so we just had to make the guard wake up three very irate neightbors and make them back up their assorted vehicles just so Zena can manouever - ever so slooooooowly - out the parking lot. Of course, we had to scurry around, pulling away trash cans and potted plants out of the way in case an accident occurs.

By the time I crashed at home, I realized that I was too tired to do anything except bathe and sleep.

Friday Evening: Pre-Thesis Crisis and Throwing Mud on The Wall

Yes, I want to ace my thesis.

And since CW 199 is all for the critical paper, I had to pull some strings and get the best and most brilliant brains the Comparative Literature program had to offer: namely my friends and walking buddies and elder GRAILees - Dell, Peloy, and Gemma. Otherwise known as the Triumvirate.

Luring them with an offer of free coffee at Seattle's Best (why am I turning into an SBC addict? And why am I accidentally becoming their advertiser?), this afternoon was spent with me throwing literary mud at their theoretical walls and basically pulling out of them the names of theorists and what can prop my ideas up within a specific literary theory and framework and give a label to what I am doing. I was surprised at the amount of work and names and ideas that they gave me, and titles upon titles of essays and theorists that I have to read up on. Not that I mind. I'd rather overwork on this than submit a half-baked paper.

Of course, once we got that out of the way, talk turned to the reunion of these three. Ever since being in GRAIL (and all the events that came along with it), these three were always the ones who were together. They were the senior members when I came along, and now that both Gem and Dell were out of school, and Peloy's already tying up the loose knots with his thesis, one can almost see the old regime (of sorts) slipping away. Just one more indication that we're all growing up and moving on.

After freezing our arses off at SBC Katipunan, we decided to accompany Dell while he goes off and has a hair spa at F Salon just off Anonas. There, the heavily-peroxided manager was definitely hitting on Peloy, much to our amusement (I mean, come on, the lines, "Haven't I seen you on TV before?" says it all?) and then talking our arses off while we walked down the length of Anonas towards Glo-Ri's and having an extremely late dinner at a clean, well-lighted carinderia just off the corner from the Kamias intersection.

And then, of course, there was that tricycle ride home. Note to all: do not ride a tricycle with two guys sitting just behind the driver's seat - particularly if one of them is extremely bottom-heavy. I think my peals of laughter echoed all the way across the dark and empty streets of my village because of the fact that the sidecar was already slightly tilted over and that the poor motorcycle driver had to push the vehicle to its limits - we were actually waiting for the booster rockets to flare behind us like in some sci-fi movie. And then, of course, we just had to run into gate after gate after gate that finally we got exasperated and just had the driver leave us in front of the Claret church, where we walked down the last two blocks to my house, singing old 80s songs at the top of our lungs.

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