Friday, July 23, 2004

JULY 23, 2004 (FRIDAY)

Better Days

You know one of those days when you wake up and know that the stars are all in perfect alignment, and that nothing in your world can go wrong as of the moment? It felt like that when I woke up this morning. Of course, I experienced a minor time warp: when I first opened my eyes, I thought my bedside clock read 10:00 AM. My poetry class started at the same time. Irritated, I figured I could skive off class and sleep some more.

And then, strangely enough, when I opened my eyes again - it couldn't have been more than 30 minutes, my dozing off - and now the clock read 8:00 AM. Strange.

Anyway, good things that happened today: Tatay was just appointed as the Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy in UP Diliman this afternoon! Isn't that the coolest thing in the world? Louie and I can now invade the Dean's Office and use free Internet during school hours. GRAIL can now hang out at the conference room. We have air-conditioning. They're providing "The Dean" with his own car and driver and messenger and ohgoodness, I'm now "the daughter of the Dean of CSSP." Isn't this great? We now have major strings to pull. ^_^

And then Gandalf called me up around lunchtime to tell me that he just won second place in the Poetry in English category of this year's Palanca Awards. Goodness, this guy deserves it - after how many years of ranting and raving about the politics of the local writing world, he finally goes out and bags the prestigious award! *appluase* My mentor, my "older brother," is a Palanca awardee. Hah. Take that. And he won it with sheer, brilliant talent, not with connections.

Afternoon was spent in the company of my boys - Dell and Peloy - delivering VCDs to customers at Robinson's Galleria. After a minor mishap - nothing that diplomacy and honesty can't cure - we trooped over to Tandang Sora for Dr. Jocano's interview. I was initially very nervous about talking with the first Filipino anthropologist, but as it turned out there was nothing to fear. The man was incredibly nice and chatty for a 74-year-old, and I think we got a real treat out of talking with the guy for about three hours. The boys had retreated to the nearby playground, but because of the sudden rainshower and the offer of homemade blueberry cheesecake, they finally consented to go inside the house.

A few minutes later, the interview became a lecture in the Filipino way of thinking and why we think the way we do as a culture and then branched out to local literature and pre-history and gay culture and Sampaloc and call boys and prostitutes and translation studies and I was just leaning back against the couch, watching in quiet enjoyment as the boys and Dr. Jocano engage in a spirited discussion - the recorder, of course, was continually recording the nuances of the conversation. I really wasn't needed at that point: it was just much more exciting to watch these brilliant minds exchange ideas and absorb new thoughts and formulate statements that best captured their ideas.

Skiving off English 191 and French 12 was so worth it, after that.

Got home past 7:00 PM to the remnants of dinner and the family sitting at the table. We're going out on Saturday to fetch Nanay at the airport and then go and buy a new television as well as celebrate Tatay's deanship. Apparently, we're pretty well-off already: a DVD player seems to be in the plans, and there's my pretty pretty laptop come October. ^_^ This must have something to do with the fact that Tatay's presenting papers in Brazil and Sri Lanka later this year. And then tomorrow (technically, today), there's that interview with Mila Laurel for org reaffimation, an errand with Dell, French dialogues to perform, and of coure ReSONAnce and Wholly Grail. And then there are articles to write and deadlines to meet and life's giving me a pretty full plate right now and perhaps the tarot reading I gave myself last night was pretty accurate - new beginnings, stability, wealth and gain and then there's that long-term potential with the Two of Cups.

That card represents Love. ^_^

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