Saturday, July 24, 2004

JULY 25, 2004 (SUNDAY)

Bumming is BAD

And I wanted to be productive today.

There's that itch in me that wants to start working again, to be productive again. I want to salvage my failing attention in classes. It's pretty obvious already which classes I'd rather not attend, considering the fact that I've been skipping them and have already reached the limit of absences per class and July's not even over yet! Horrid horrid horrid.

Here is just a sample of what I have to contend with for this week:

- Poem #3 for CW 121 class. Theme this week is repetition. (July 29)
- English 191 readings on the subjective theories of education. I'm losing one of the's not in my packet. I think I'll panic later. (July 26)
- French 12 oral exams.  And my partner has our script and he hasn't emailed it yet. (July 27)
- CW 199 pseudo-anthology. Watch me writhe with the deadline. (July 29)

And that's just school. I have two articles due on the 30th - one of which I haven't done any research yet - and a transcription of the interview with Dr. Jocano, as well as the subsequent article for that one (deadline's August 6), and of course there's GRAIL and the other people that I "manage"...yes, I know I have a tendency of involving myself into other people's lives, it's it's incredibly exciting, don't you see, to be part of the flood, to be swept away in the grandeur of the stories being told? After all, in the end, these are just stories of our lives that we tell in an effort to be immortalized.

I like listening rather than telling, actually. Even though I am perhaps more comfortable in being the storyteller right now than I was when I was younger, I like slipping into the "listening" frame of mind better than being the one who just yakkety-yaks away until the wee hours of the morning. Maybe that was why I was quiet yesterday at Greenhouse: all these stories were being told and I just wanted to imbibe them all - it's better than food and water. I could sit down and happily listen to a friend tell me his/her life story with all the gory details and be contented. No judgement involved - just me listening and you speaking. Perfect days end with friends talking about the inanities of life.

So, if you need company, a sympathetic ear, or someone to go to the movies with - I'm perfectly up for it. Just not this week. ^_^


Belated HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John Bengan, who is now the EIC of Himati, the student publication of UP Mindanao. Fabulously gay and still single, the poet is ready to rock. Shyet, dude, tanda mo na!

And a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Sandra, who turned 17 today and is still buried under a pile of schoolwork. ^_^ Yes, she's the one who designs my bee-yoo-ti-ful blog.

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