Monday, July 26, 2004

JULY 26, 2004 (MONDAY)

Because of SONA, UP had cancelled classes 1 PM onwards. Thinking that I had poetry class, I still woke up early (despite Louie’s gloats) and trudged over to school only to find out that my professor had also cancelled our session for this morning. Finding myself pretty useless and incredibly bored, I invited a friend to watch a movie with me – and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt by assuming that there were various circumstances involved that led to the fact that he didn’t reply to my invitation. ^_^

At any rate, moving on: stayed at the tambayan with Dell, Ruzela, and the various other denizens of GRAIL until it was time for lunch. Waltzed down to Katipunan where I had a lovely lovely lunch with Ginny (Mother Goddess) at World Topps. And since she lived in the Commonwealth area and we were both aware of the nerve-wrecking traffic that President Arroyo’s state of the nation address, we decided to trot on over to SM Megamall to watch a movie. So my afternoon wasn’t wasted after all.

Ended up watching Alex Proyas’ I, Robot, which I thoroughly enjoyed, sci-fi geek that I am. First encountered Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics in English 146 – otherwise known as the Sci-Fi and Fantasy class, and was curious about the story that inspired the film. A bit run-of-the-mill, to be sure, but there was something about the film that allows you to postulate regarding the possibilities of AI. Spielberg has done it, and the Wachowskis have also done it, and I suppose if you could place this movie in the grand scheme of things, it would be prior to the events of The Matrix trilogy – that moment of robot liberation before the revolution.

Ginny thoroughly enjoyed the shirtless Will Smith scenes, though. ^_^

Had dinner at Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, where the Mother Goddess treated me out, good soul that she is. While imparting some of her worldly advice to me regarding men and chocolates, I’ve figured out some things that I need to learn by next year. (Perhaps when the hullabaloo of thesis and graduation is over.) Anyway, I was introduced to Liz Phair – I must get a copy of her songs soon – as we were driving back home, chattering away. Got home an hour before Queer Eye, which gave me plenty of time to take a bath and settle down before resuming my weekly meeting with the Fab Five.

Gabby’s Want To Do List

1. Drive a car. You’ll never know when you’ll be in a situation where the only escape route is to drive a moving vehicle. Of course, it would be better if I’d learn how to ride a motorcycle, but then I don’t think Aster’s Paulo will allow me to drive his Ducati.

2. Play pool. This is where Gandalf comes in. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play billiards for ages, but I’ve never had anyone teach me. And I remember Jennie Garth in What I Like About You saying, “Two things that will make a man fall for you: play pool and keep your liquor.” Since I don’t drink, I might as well learn how to play pool. ^_^

3. Play the guitar. Honestly. (Even though I know I ought to take care of my fingers since that’s how I make my living.) I’ve always had fantasies of a guy serenading me outside my window, but since that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, I might as well figure out how to serenade myself. I mean, if I got through two years of playing the piano – to no avail – that means I can at least read notes and chords, right? 

4. Buy that perfect little black dress. The gods refuse to be kind to me. I still cannot find it. And what worries me is that if I find it, can I afford it?

5. Treat GRAIL out to a really nice dinner at a really nice restaurant. As in a sit-down place, with napkins and tablecloths and three different forks and where the dessert costs a small fortune. Because I believe in the good things in life, and it would be interesting to see Ruzela figure out how to use the different forks. Plus, if it’s a sit-down dinner, then that would mean they would have to dress up nice, and finally Dell won’t be smelling like the streets and sweat and OJ would wear a button-down polo shirt. *giggles*

(Oh, and by the way, happy birthday Ely! Wala kang sinasabi kanina, nasa tambayan ka na at lahat…^_^ Hope you managed to research at the library after lunch.)

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