Monday, July 05, 2004

JULY 5, 2004 (MONDAY)

Introspection #1

A lot of things have happened, and I'm sure that a lot of things are still going to happen. A part of me knows that in the grand scheme of things, my life is nothing more than a miniscule atom in vast swirling galaxy, hungry for the light.

I was reading old posts again, and I wanted to tell myself - the one who was writing those old things last year - to never take things for granted, to slow down, to allow space to breathe. To protect herself more from pain, and yet not allow that caution to take precendence over love. I wanted to tell her to love herself as much as she loved him, because he will not be there forever.

I wanted to tell her to not be afraid to live. But then I'm sure she already knew that.

One thing I tell myself is to never regret anything. I think right now I can honestly say that I haven't regretted any of my choices yet. Even this choice that I made right now, to love in the shadows. At least I'm not being false to myself, and false to him.

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