Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Lazy Oaf

I am actually procrastinating from writing an article for work. Whatever coffee was injected into my bloodstream is actually having a reverse effect on me. I fell asleep right after dinner, and woke up an hour later groggier than ever. The only thing I have staring in front of me right now are the notes Marvi and I made on the print-out of our assignment. I was never really good with research-based assignments, since I have a tendency to go all spastic and literary. Complete with footnotes and bibliographical entries, no less.

*looks at self* Nerdoks.

Save Me From Spastic

Today was another Dell-Peloy-Gabby day, which commenced right after we wrapped up the first discussion group for the new applicants of GRAIL. It was quite successful, considering the fact that our last two application processes were less than successful - with only about two or three people actually staying with us. I suppose it stemmed from the fact that everyone wasn't feeling all org-y (as opposed to "orgy" which is another entirely different matter) and too caught up in our personal lives to actually do something productive for the org.

Dell was in fine form today, discussiong comics history and definitions like a pro. Ely, I'm hoping, will take charge the next time around. We might have a tarpaulin banner by Friday (hurrah!) thanks to Peloy, and it seems like the applicants are finally settling into the tambayan and the people around. Now, if only we could solve the financial issue - we are losing so much money so fast - we'd be all set.

Afterwards, people dallied around for a while, slowly drifting off into the cloudy afternoon until it was only myself, Peloy, and Dell left at the tambayan. We had a spirited discussion regarding Peloy's thesis - I think we've managed to throw enough questions at him to make him seriously start thinking about his Chapter One. Which is good. Which is very, very good. Which makes me so proud of him.

After that impromptu intellectual bull session, we trooped to Oz Cafe for coffee and chocolate cake. And then of course, you knew that something bad was going to happen when 80s music started to pour in from the speakers of the establishment, and Peloy and Dell started to do all those disturbing dance moves that involved a lot of undulations and strange poses that can either come from a porn movie or a gay magazine.

Deciding that they needed open space in order to fuck up with my mind some more (they had gone through the soundtrack of that movie 54, and the Village People), we moved to the slopes leading towards the track-and-field oval, where they proceeded to dance and twirl and pirouette to glam rock/slow rock music of their own making, and making me laugh so hard and scream so loud that my cheeks were burning. I mean, honestly, where the hell did they get those moves? The high point of the experience was when Peloy grabbed Dell and they started slow dancing to "...I'm a man you can depend on..." which is seriously disturbing, if you think about it. And yes, they went through Madonna.

If I wanted a strip show, that would have been it. And to think I got it for free.

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