Friday, August 20, 2004

AUGUST 20, 2004 (FRIDAY)

Silent Prayer

God, help me get through this.

In the Spirit of Eggs and Camaraderie

Yes. I hit Meia on the head with an egg. It was an accident. She will never let me live it down. ^_^

I think I have every right to say that I am tired. Tired but happy. I would've wanted to write everything down here, but my body is already crashing and my fingers are running on autopilot. I have good music running on the CD player, and much things to do these next couple of days and I think that everything's going all right in my little microverse. For once, nothing went wrong today - one of those rare days when everything just seems to flow from one moment to another, smoothly, without any discordant notes. Rei is right - I am starting to learn how to be good on my own.

I love today, with the non-graduation pictures and mucking about the studio with Lex; the preparations for the GRAIL induction, and then the induction proper, and I am just so happy and proud of the new(er) members - we are starting to become a proper organization. We had games and dirty dancing and egg-throwing and spaghetti (and I am so sorry Hathem that I forgot you couldn't eat pork) and then afterwards it was off to Makati to meet up with my Dumaguete sisters/role models. Didn't reach the Ninotchka Rosca book-signing in time. Found myself at the Nokia 7610 launch with Sprite-that-I-think-was-spiked in my hands and a lot of skankily-dressed women wearing large Nokia-printed aprons. Did some celebrity spotting at the event, and knew that I wanted a digicam and an iPod when I grow up. Found out that Global Cafe was actually a pretty place, and would want to visit it again. Went home with three CDs worth of new music to listen to while working - surely this would energize me for the next round of thesis-writing for this weekend. ^_^


Now I must catch some rest. Back to the Redfox studio tomorrow, this time for real - so don't be surprised if you see me walking around campus with a layer of make-up on my face about an inch thick and hoping that I don't look too fat on camera. *sigh*

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