Thursday, August 26, 2004


This will perhaps be one of the most interesting freelance writing jobs I've ever come across. Check THIS out. *wide grin*

I can recommend a number of my friends who are ideally suited to write for this publication...

"A magazine for the new Filipino with an alternative lifestyle." Euphemisms. ^_^

UP GRAIL's ACLE is entitled The BATchelor and will be held today, August 26 2004, at the CAL AVR from 1-4 PM. We're showing Batman Returns as well as the trailer for the new Batman movie starring Christian Bale. A discussion group regarding the concept of a hero based on the Dark Knight will follow. Speakers are Emil Flores, Elbert Or, and Jaime Bautista.

God, I hope we pull this through. Despite the rain. Loads and loads of rain.

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