Thursday, August 05, 2004


Currently cramming for school today. So not good. But it was worth it. Friends are always worth it.

Dell, the gay man, is currently looking for free web space for his new pet project - top secret, but it will be unveiled sometime the following week. Can anyone suggest/offer something?

Anyway, this is all I can post for today:

hi i'm selling my old PC parts and PC units. if any of you are interested or has friends who are interested, pls contact me via email or mobile phone.
from katch
mobile: 0917-5229887


Pentium II
300mhz (CPU only)
32 mb sd
ramITE motherboard
Creative SB pci sound card
4.32 gb fujitsu hdd8 mb video card
4x hp cd writer120volts input
note : no floppy drive, but i can put one in if requested; no utility drivers, but i can try and search them on the net if requested
PRICE : P4500 negotiable

Pentium III
450mhz (CPU and plus)
MSI motherboard32 sdram
32mb Nvidia riva Tnt 2 video card
creative SB pci sound card
8.6gb seagate hdd (primary hdd)
8.6gb maxtor hdd (secondary hdd)
winbond 10/100 pci ethernet adapter
40x12x48 liteon cd writer
14" nec multisync xv15 monitor
yamaha speakers and subwooferstandard atx case,
keyboard, mouse and avrw/ utility drivers except for winbond pci ethernet adapter
PRICE : P12,800 negotiable

note: no warranty on above PCs, but guaranteed in working condition (will test the PC for you before you take it home, possible delivery as well)


Acer Scanprisa 640P (parallel port, 120v, used)
PRICE : P1000

4x5 Calcomp graphics tablet (parallel port, 120v, slightly used)
includes cordless, pressure-sensitive pencomplete with manual and disk drivers, w/ original boxspecs: 0.254mm accuracy, 100 lines per mm resolution, 256 levels of pressure detectable by cordless pen, tablet size - 7x7.3", drawing area size - 4x5"
PRICE : P900

Hayes Accura 56kbps external modem (parallel port, never used, no box)
w/ manual and drivers
PRICE : P800

Vivitar Web 2555 digital camera (used once only)
features : 300k pixels digital still camera, web cam via microsoft netmeeting, 10mm lcd which displays camera status, can capture short movie clips w/ software, 10sec self timer, operated by 2 AAA batteriesincludes USB cable, neck strap, camera stand, manual, drivers and software
packaged in original box
PRICE : P1100 negotiable

CRS DC-30C Digital Camera / WebCam (used about 5 times only)
specs : vga cmos (640x480 pixels); lens specs f 3.0, sensor size - 1/3"; frame rate - vga 3 frames/sec (640x480), qvga 12 frames/sec (320x240); lcd display - HR vga 640x480 26 pictures, LR qvga 320x240 106 pictures, battery low status, 10 sec self timer, continuous mode; usb interface; 8mb storage, operated by 3 AAA batteries
PRICE : P1000 negotiable

Maxell Max Cam MPCC-1 WebCam (used once or twice only)
specs : sensor size - 1/3"; sensor type - color cmos image sensor; resolution - 640x480; frame rate - 30 frames/second; s/n ration - 42 db; focal length 6.00mm; lens view angle - 28 degrees; focus limit 3 cm to infinity; usb interfaceincludes clip and stand for holding the camera, manual and driver
color of camera : black
PRICE : P1000 negotiable

Panasonic Portable CD player (black) - used
model SL-NP12
features : 4 times oversampling; normal, resume and random play modes; memory recall and repeat optionsuses 2 AA batteriesmade in japan
PRICE : P500

note : not warranty for above miscellaneous items, but i will refund within 7 days provided that the item does not work. all above items tested and found in working order.

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