Friday, August 06, 2004


Fake Plastic Trees

Her green plastic watering can
For her fake chinese rubber plant
In fake plastic earth.
That she bought from a rubber man
In a town full of rubber plants
Just to get rid of itself.
And it wears her out, it wears her out
It wears her out, it wears her out.

She lives with a broken man
A cracked polystyrene man
Who just crumbles and burns.
He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins.
And it wears him out, it wears him out
It wears him out, it wears him out.

She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My fake plastic love.
But I can’t help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run
And it wears me out, it wears me out
It wears me out, it wears me out.

And if I could be who you wanted
If I could be who you wanted
All the time, all the time.

Pre-Reunion Doubts

At this point, I'm running on adrenaline and caffeine. Crashed at around 3:45 AM with random French phrases in my head. Woke up at noon with an offer for a free lunch from my dad, and my French professor was laughing at me because she said I sounded so sleepy while doing the orals. ^_^

And apparently, tonight there will be a reunion of my high school class and I'm not sure if I want to attend. Projected conversations inside my head:

#1 -
Classmate: Wow! You look thinner! And I've never noticed you had boobs before.
Me: Wow. I never noticed you had a sex change operation. Did they replace your brain, too?

#2 -
Classmate: Heard you have a boyfriend right now...
Me: Ever heard of it in the past tense?
Classmate: Ooooh, you broke up? When? What happened?
Me: I circulated a memo. I think I forgot to include your name there. Which is just as well.

#3 -
Classmate: So you're graduating this year?
Me: Nooooooo. Really? Wherever did you get such an idiotic idea? Of course I want to stay in the university and never get a job...

Hrm. Maybe I'm too sarcastic for my own good.

Still haven't written the Jocano article. Still haven't transcribed the interview. I just want to crash.


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