Monday, August 09, 2004


Going Back to Basics is Always Good for the Soul

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd

- Alexander Pope, "Eloisa"

Disclaimer: My immediate apologies to Peloy, who hates appearing in this blog for a number of reasons, most of them valid (and a couple influenced by paranoia). It's hard to tell a story and cut you out from it since you were with me the whole weekend. ^_^

Where do I begin?

Saturday began with a trip to Megamall for my annual meeting with Jay. Backgrounder: Jay Vergara is perhaps - linearly speaking - one of my oldest guy friends. We met back in second year high school through sophomore year boy-girl interaction with La Salle. (Yes, all-girls schools have that: they need to remind us that there are boys in the world.) At any rate, I suppose we were either naive or desperate, but we did maintain contact despite the superficiality of the system, and he did ask me out to be his date to their prom - I didn't go to the Miriam prom, but then that's another story - and so it goes that we end up seeing each other once a year and just dump stories on each other.

This time, we had lunch at Kenny Rodgers - and we redefined the word "lunch" because it stretches for a couple of hours for us - and watched Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was a beautiful film and Kaufman is a brilliant writer for being able to create such a story and yes, it did hit close to home. Some days I do want to erase certain memories just to retain my innocence. But then, as Charlotte York pointed out, "This is life." And besides, I don't think that a memory wipe will solve all my problems and issues - it's just an easy way out. But I can definitely relate to the character of Joel Barish (Jim Carrey). Watch the film before it gets pulled out of theatres!

At any rate, Jay dropped me off at Philcoa and I made my way through the mass of humanity to go to Dell's place in Novaliches because we had a par-teh to go to Saturday night. This is so different from the evenings that I usually spend with my boys (read: Dell and Peloy) which usually consists of a romp in our respective neighborhood with perhaps a meal at either Ababu's or Salt of the Earth or...well, you get the idea. This time we were going to Eastwood, and Dell was nervous out of his mind. The par-teh was actually the pre-launch celebration of this magazine that I'm working for, Swerve, which is coming out September. But anyway, I figured the boys will appreciate the open bar more than myself, and I just wanted to see my name and article on the magazine as well as meet the other people who work for the mag.

So we get to Libis at around 11 PM and Dell was a nervous wreck. I was hoping that he'd push through, but once a window of opportunity was given, he made his decision and within 10 minutes of getting there, we had escaped from Centro and was making our way through the conyo-clad streets of Eastwood. (Well, at least that saved the boys from coughing up a Php250 entrance fee.) We chanced upon a hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop that served large iced chocolates for about 55 pesos, and there we had our little dramatic moments which involed Peloy looking for the girls' bathroom and a couple of hours people-watching at Eastwood, where we slowly immersed Dell into (so-called) high society.

Afterwards, we intended to go to Timog but then Peloy's digestive system started acting up and so we crashed at his place in Kamias so that he could use the bathroom in peace and tranquility. It was already past 2 AM and we had a really late dinner or a really early breakfast consisting of shrimps and sinigang and rice. (Strange. I know.) Afterwards, we just collapsed in the living room and watched Kill Bill Vol. 2 and by the time the film finished, the roosters were already doing their carillion calls and we clambered upstairs to sleep in Peloy's bedroom. Well, actually, the two boys slept while I tossed and turned - I kept on dreaming that I was drowning, and then I'd wake up gasping for air and trembling. Finally, at around 8 AM, Dell said his goodbyes, Peloy fell asleep on the floor and I (again) attempted to catch some shut-eye. After drifting in and out of sleep for a couple of hours, I gave up and watched Peloy sleep/snore - which entertained the hell out of me. *evil laugh*

And you know what they say, if you can't beat them, wake them up.

We finally surfaced from his room at around 2 PM for a really late lunch, and then we looked at their photo albums and watched a few episodes of Sex and the City Season 5. By that time, Gem and Marc had already arrived to fix the computer (I'm hoping that it's working now...), got sidetracked by SatC and as we started with the whole computer-fixing-up sequence, Dell arrived and we ended up hanging out at Peloy's room until 8 PM - during which, my parents were already texting me and asking me where the hell I was. Took that as a cue that I had to go home already (plus Peloy was alreayd teasing me that I stank - I took a bath, man! And yes, I even shampooed my hair! ^_^) and so the boys, gentlemen that they are, accompanied me to McDonalds, where we discussed the semantics of the Ragin' Chicken Burger versus Chicken Joy - and there's a story somewhere there that's mineminemine - while waiting for my order, and then they took me home.

Had a few GRAIL things to discuss with Meia, then finally proceeded to gulp down my mediocre dinner, took a nice long shower, and then slept the sleep of the dead. And it wasn't even 10 PM yet.


Woke up at 9 AM, instead of 3 AM - I suppose that was my body adjusting to everything and catching up on some much-needed sleep - and now my breakfast is some leftover hot fudge sundae while supposedly studying for a French exam that I have later on. Must start writing the thesis proper sometime this week. Gyah.

Oh, and I haven't done the Jocano transcript and article yet. My editor is going to kill me.

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