Sunday, September 26, 2004


Aw, c'mon. Please don't tell me you didn't even sing along with this song - yes, even if it's the Mandy Moore version - while it was playing on MYX. Sing with me now...

*does the Gabby-dance*

Can We Still Be Friends?
Todd Rundgren

We can't play this game anymore but
Can we still be friends?
Things just can't go on like before but
Can we still be friends?

We had something to learn
Now it's time for the wheel to turn
Grains of sand, one by one
Before you know it, all gone

Let's admit we made a mistake but
Can we still be friends?
Heartbreak's never easy to take but
Can we still be friends?

It's a strange, sad affair
Sometimes seems like we just don't care
Don't waste time feeling hurt
We've been through hell together

We awoke from our dream
Things are not always what they seem
Memories linger on
It's like a sweet, sad, old song

Can we still be friends?
Can we still get together sometimes?
Can we still be friends?
You know that life will still go on


Wholly Grail
every Saturday 7.30pm @ Bob's Cafe
(Starbucks basement)
Torre Lorenzo Building
Vito Cruz cor. Taft Avenue

For other engagements, please contact me (Gabby) through this blog. My e-mail address is here. We play for food. ^_^

Moments of Epiphany

There is something wrong with you when you find yourself, after your fledgling band's performance, that you have to run to the bathroom and lock yourself inside a stall and just stay there for a few minutes wondering what the hell you want to do with your life. Is this it?

More to come tomorrow. Am dead tired and have loads to deal with for this week - thesis notwithstanding. I want a day off. Is that even possible with this kind of lifestyle?

Di bale. *squares shoulders* Kaya 'to. ^_^

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