Sunday, September 26, 2004


The Backporch Poet With Her Book of Rhymes

*huggles John Mayer tightly*

If you want to talk about hell week, talk to ME about it. Don't we all just love the last week of classes?

Of course, if I want to be equally nostalgic about it, this is my last first semester in college - God willing - and of course by next year I'll probably be with all those fresh graduates all looking for a job. And I refuse to go to a call center - not on your life. The government did not spend for four years of my college education just so I could work for some sleazy American company completely brainwashed out of all the literature and writing that I've immersed myself in. And besides, baka mawalan lang ako ng brain matter - sayang naman. Kaunti na nga lang, maubos pa. I mean, I chose Creative Writing as my course, and I'm going to stick to it even if it hurts like hell. I still have pride in my craft, if nothing else.

I'm sure everyone's load is worse than mine, but it's still evil enough to make me want to start running for cover:

1. French 13 oral exams
2. French 13 final exams
3. English 191 final papers (2)
4. English 191 teaching demo and lesson plan
5. CW 121 poems - revised
6. CW 111 stories - revised 20 pages minimum
7. CW 199 thesis revisions

Somebody remind me again why I have a social life. ^_^

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