Monday, September 06, 2004


CAL Org Fair

The Org Fair kicks off today, September 6, 2004 and ends on September 10, 2004, Friday. Feel free to drop by, it's going to run from 10 am up to 4 pm, at the CAL New Building. Other CAL orgs are also participating, and each has their own racket, which should make the event interesting. UP GRAIL will be offering the following services:

Renta Ka Day! - Comics and Graphic Novels from the extensive library of UP GRAIL and the private collections of the members will be made available for rental. This can be your chance to read all 10 Sandman volumes at once, or catch up what's happening to those kooky X-Men.
Tarot Reading - For a mere P50, one of our two talented seeresses will look into your future. You may choose if you'd prefer the divination using a Crowley-Thoth deck, or a Rider-Waite deck.
Artists for Hire - can't draw a circle to save your life? The artists of UP GRAIL are offering their services to the visually inept at student-friendly prices. View the portfolio and interview the artists at the org's booth.

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience

UP GRAIL's ACLE is entitled The BATchelor and will be held on September 7, Tuesday, at the CAL AVR from 1-4 PM. We're showing Batman Returns as well as the trailer for the new Batman movie starring Christian Bale. A discussion group regarding the concept of a hero based on the Dark Knight will follow. Speakers are Emil Flores, Elbert Or, and Jaime Bautista.

Stable Ground

I didn't hurt myself after all. The initial impact hurt, of course, but apparently I can just stand up, dust myself off, and walk away. I'm surprised at myself - maybe I am stronger than I thought I was.

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