Thursday, September 01, 2005

Adventures in PassportLand 1

So. September 1 is supposed to be a momentous day for me, since today is the day that I'm supposed to apply for my passport. Step 1 in the entire NUS journey, so to speak. So I woke up early (like 6.30 early), blearily prepared for the journey to Katipunan, where I had to meet up with Atsi Tin and hubby Johann, who would take me to Fortune Travels. This is Atsi Tin's aunt's travel agency, who were going to help me facilitate the processing of my passport.

With the passport, I can take the TOEFL, which is required for me to apply for the scholarship.

Anyway, Marlyn, the nice lady over at Fortune, told me to be there at 8 AM today with all my paperwork. Unfortunately, Johann and I managed to leave the apartment at 8 AM, which made the trip a pseudo-Amazing Race of sorts - riding the LRT from Katipunan to Cubao, and then the MRT from Cubao to Ayala, where the office was located. The crowds! The lines! The veritable sea of humanity!

Okay, so it wasn't so bad, but my feet sorta kinda hurt from all the fast-paced walking when we reached Fortune. Since my rubber shoes were out of commission, I had to resort to my most comfy sandals, which weren't exactly all that comfy, as I discovered. (Dammit! I want Happy Feet sandals!) And when we got there, the person who was going to accompany me to the DFA had already left - probably since we got there around 9.20 already. Le sigh.

But it was just as well: the birth certificate I had brought was not NSO certified, apaprently, and my picture was not passport-worthy. I was wearing glasses and earrings, but how was I supposed to know? The people at Island Photo didn't tell me! Double le sigh.

So now I'm at an Internet shop in Megamall, applying for my NSO-certified birth certificate and looking for a Unionbank later so I can pay, and wrapping up the details of a freelance editing job that was supposedly done a couple of days ago. But it's all cool - I'll just have to take another leave next Thursday to deal with this. Thank God for technology, and extra money, and friends. Let's hope that this is the last hiccup before I really begin this adventure. ^_^

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