Thursday, September 15, 2005

Midweek Adventures

I have a feeling I'm going to get sick soon. My body feels like a wet string, all damp and limp and tired. I think it's the rains - yesterday, going to John's house, we passed through Tayuman and it was raining and I got wet and my umbrella broke en route and so now I think I have to buy one later.

Had lunch yesterday with cousin Sandra and introduced her to Gayuma down at Katipunan, which she seemingly enjoyed. We had quite a good chat, which ran for a couple of hours - yes, seems like we Dans kids have a propensity to talk a lot. It was great to touch base with her over chicken and BTS, and to just have fun and not have too many issues or angst. Afterwards, I ended up in UP just a bit past 2.30 for the Amelia Lapena Bonifacio Literary Awards awarding ceremony, which they included in the program celebrating the 95th anniversary of the DECL. (Wtf? When did our department become 95 years old?) Was with Anna, Carl, and Surot and we watched the proceedings, alternating between boredom and horrified delight. Of particular interest was the junior faculty's memoriam for recent retiree Sir Jimmy Abad, which was delivered haltingly and painfully, with so many faux pas that Anna and I were continually wincing. Neil Garcia's tribute was much simpler, and much more heartfelt, in my opinion.

However, the speakers for Vivencio Jose, another retiree, was better. Well, Ma'am Mila Laurel was better and simpler, and I loved how she could sound so humble and yet so profound. Another entertaining proceeding was when Ma'am Alaras - never my professor, thank God - jumped up on stage and declared, "I was NOT asked to pay TRIBUTE to Dr. Jose, I VOLUNTEERED." And then she turns to Ma'am Mila and says, "And Mila mentioned my favorite words, Rizal."


*run away*

Anyway, getting the certificates never lasted for more than five minutes, though I had to go up the stage twice - once for fiction, and another for poetry. It was quite heartwearming to have Neil hold my hand when I walked past him to get up on stage to receive the certificate. I owe so much to him and Ma'am Chingbee, it's almost insane. And it was great to be with friends again - Carl and I wanted to attack the buffet already, but Sir Paolo prevented us from going inside the Arcellana library because the program was already underway. Argh! Free food! O_o

It was great hanging out with old professors and younger classmates - ran into Carmelle, James, and Noelle from last semester's CL 113, and Rosa and Olive from CW 151. Unfortunately, the rainclouds that threatened to actually unleash the storm was already underway, and I still had to catch an FX from Philcoa to Espana. By the time the FX passed Welcome Rotonda, the rain was already coming down in great fat drops, and I had no idea where AH Lacson was (turned out the be the street just before UST). John found me, a dripping wet chicken of a girl, and taught me how to get from my house to his, which is a nice little adventure on its own. As soon as I saw the Tayuman LRT-1 station, I knew where I was and felt slightly better. ^_^ But man, my knowledge of Manila expands every time. It's great.

Got home a bit before midnight, with poor John nursing a very bad migraine, and I hope we both won't get sick before the weekend comes. O_o This week, I am collecting debts and watching a Sibol play, if Ginny actually remembers to buy the tickets, and then the weekend. So far, so good.

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