Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Passing the Information Torch

Something I got from fellow Slinging Inker Cathy's blog. Something important. And something I should be doing before this month is out.

My medical technician/gyno intern friend encouraged me to take the test. He said that in his line of work, he has learned that HIV is not the big problem in the Philippines, but Hepatitis B! Apparently, Hepa-B is endemic in the Philippines. Syphilis is next in the list of top STDs in the Philippines. I decided not to take the Hepa-C test, since the probability of my acquiring it is low.

For all those who want to get tested, Here's everything you need to know: I had myself tested in Makati Medical Center. If you want to take the cheap route, donate blood at the second floor of the building, where the blood donation center is. I think the minimum donor amount is 600 cc of blood, and you get the results of your lab test and a blood donor card if you test negative for malaria, HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B and C after 12 hours. If you are not able to donate blood because you smoke, weigh less than 110 pounds like me, drank alcohol 12 hours prior to bloodletting, or are menstruating, then get yourself tested at the Laboratory on the First Floor. Results for the HIV and Syphilis tests come out after a week, while the Hepa B tests will be released at the Nuclear Medicine department at the second floor after three working days.

The TPHA test for syphilis costs P 860, HIV Elisa test is only P 600. HBSAg test for hepa B and the test for Hepa-C is P 900 each.

Now all I need is someone to accompany me...

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