Thursday, September 29, 2005

Running to Stand Still

So here's another weekend around the corner, and another week to wrap up. And if there's one thing I'm slowly learning, it's to take everything in stride.

I'm wrapping up a number of projects and starting on some new ones. Work-wise, things are more or less stable, although the creative itch is already starting to gnaw on me and I may want to scratch it sooner or later. The passport is here already, and so I can start scheduling my TOEFL exam for the following month in preparation for November. From this side of time, one month seems so near already.

Last night was also my first drum practice with Gandalf at the Kamias studio, and I just suck royally at it. Well, I get the basics, and I can almost get the entire rhythm of the basic beat, but I swear, I never knew it was so hard to just NOT think. O_o I managed to get around four counts before my right hand decided to give up on me and go off in a totally different direction.

And before I forget, this is one of the coolest teaser images that ever came out, courtesy of Jilly, the penultimate host of the Grey Table's annual Oktoberfest. We've been at it since early college (much like the strangeness that ensues during the Corny Court Christmas party) except that boys are allowed, and the whole point is to get wasted - it's always been interesting, and I've had some good memories of Oktoberfest. ^_^

Image hosted by

And yes, Rita is our image model. Haha.

Such excitedness.

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