Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taking Everything in Stride

I haven't eaten any kind of instant noodle concoction since leaving UP Mindanao. I think the one year I spent in the dorm had exposed me to the endless variants of instant noodles - soups, sotanghons, and those spicy flavored ones that required you to gulp them down in five minutes before it burns your tongue. I remember a particularly hungry evening when my roommates and I were studying and the canteen was already closed. A dormer from the other side of the hall had some bigas and a portable water heater, and so we cooked the rice in the water heater and dumped some tuna on top to heat everything up.

I had to eat something today, and my stomach was already complaining - the dreaded gastro attack had come again. This is what I hate about being stressed: it's not just mentally draining, but there's a physical side to it as well. In my case, my stomach has a tendency to produce too much stomach acid, and since I don't eat regularly when I'm stressed, the acid eats away the lining of my stomach. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my medicine to the office (because I don't, usually) and now I had to buy soup to settle my stomach. Thank God for 7-11 and cup noodles.

I think I have too much on my plate right now: aside from the personal shit that's been hitting the proverbial fan for the past two days (notice how incredibly amazing things can transform into horrible waiting games afterwards?), I still have that UN editing job to finish by the end of the month. And they still want me to write some marketing material for them! O_o And then there's the article for The Reviewer, and then a column for Mabuhay Magazine, and I've just finished doing a VO for a presentation of a small company. And then of course, my day job, social calendar, and a lovely set of friends.

Everytime I step outside the office to get something across the street, I almost want to just bolt down the road and, with a book tucked under my arm, just settle into the nearest comfortable coffeeshop and curl up in a comfortable armchair for hours, just reading a relaxing. Sadly, I barely have time for such things these days, since everything's picking up its pace and I am still turning down various corners towards certain goals in sight. Add to that the complexities of being a (sorta kinda?) relationship and I swear it can drive me insane.

But right now all I want is to see him, settle down, and talk with him. It's been days since I last heard his voice, imagined or real, and I miss him terribly. (Not to mention the physical side of things...) But otherwise, I just have to take everything in stride and hope that I do not falter. Everything is leaning towards its foregone conclusion. And all I can do is be patient and hope that everything will turn out for the best.

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