Sunday, September 25, 2005

Too Hot to Trot

Ginny, her mother, and I watched the STAGES' performance of Footloose last night at the Meralco Theatre. Tita Honey actually got us tickets at the very front row, which mean that we were up close and personal with Jay-R's abs...I mean, Jay-R.


It's actually a very entertaining romp through 80s pop music, and believe it or not, the cast is pretty impressive. Augie Gemora, Carla Martinez, and Agot Isidro all provided some semblance of levity that, in the hands of less capable actors, would have just allowed these supporting characters to fade into the backdrop of the dancing and the music. The story is simple and the music was amazing and the dancers were actually pretty good. The live band down at the orchestra pit was really giving it their all, and there were a lot of songs that I never really realized came from the musical. I must get a copy of the soundtrack soon.

But honestly, you watch Footloose for Jay-R. Initially, my respect for him was negative, but after watching him dance and sing and sashay across the stage, the temperature REALLY went up in that theatre. There wasn't any chemistry between him and Iya though - she can sing and dance, but she's a really poor actor. Ginny and I were in agreement when we said that she had no idea how to throw a tantrum. But I loved the supporting characters, particularly the actors playing Rusty and Willard, and the "chuwariwariwap" gang of Jay-R and Iya's characters. ^_^ If you have the chance and 300 bucks to spare, it's a great way to spend it.

And yes, Jay-R is *rawr* hot.


*dies of the kilig*

Oh, and Gandalf is sorta kinda teaching me how to play the drums. We are hitting the rehearsal studio Wednesday evening (I think) and so far, I've managed to get the hang of the basic beat - bass, snare, high-hat - but it's all about coordination, and sometimes I am missing the bass-snare dichotomy. Imagine when I start learning the fillers.

But it's just such a fun rush, and a great way to expend energy. It had gotten so exciting for me that we had forgotten Friday evening that we were with Arkaye and Jun de la Rosa and that we were supposed to be writing poems and workshopping - I was still struggling to remember NOT to hit the snare and the bass at the same time. And mind you, this was all just pretend - there was no real drum set involved in the making of this story. Gandalf just drew a picture on my notebook and we were just hitting imaginary drums. I can't wait for Wednesday! ^_^

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