Monday, October 10, 2005

Blowing Tangible Bubbles

My uncle bought my cousin a bottle of tangible bubbles - bubbles that doesn't pop when you hold them. Apparently, you need really dirty fingers as well in order to achieve the desired effect.


I'm listening to the movie soundtrack of Rent right now - I love friends who can get me bootleg stuff, although I promise I'll buy the original as soon as it comes out. It's a lot more raw than the orginal Broadway soundtrack that I have, and I'm not used to Rosario Dawson's lower register as compared to Daphne Rubin-Vega's rendition. Still, "Light My Candle" is so much fun, and while I didn't enjoy the original performance of "Over The Moon," the one in the movie sounds better, and it seems that Idina Menzel had more fun.

They took out the fillers (The "Voice Mail"s and the "Tune-Up"s) and re-arranged the songs, and added a new one, "Love Heals." The story is subtly different as well - whereas the Broadway version gave equal stage time to all characters, managing to weave the narrative via Mark's voyeuristic tendencies, the movie seems to focus more on Roger and Mimi's love story, rendering the other characters as a supporting cast. But then, that's just my opinion based on the soundtrack.

Still, I can't wait for it to arrive here.


I'm on an OPM high right now. Guilty pleasures: "Gemini" by Spongecola, "Kahit Pa" by Hale, and "Tumatakbo" by Mojofly. The last one is my new theme song. I mean, how can you not love a chorus that goes:

Gusto ko lang maranasang umibig, tamaan ni Kupido
Gusto ko lang maranasan ang langit
Tumibok muli ang puso ko

Tumatakbo ang oras
Naiiwan na ako ng panahon
'Di na nagbago'ng bawat araw
Pare-pareho parang kahapon
Tumatakbo ang oras

That's just me right there.


Adarna just invited me to go on a booksigning trip to SM Bacoor on Saturday. I've never done this before. The last time I went on a booksigning, I can't remember, actually. But I said yes, because I'll be just in time to drop by Megamall on Saturday evening and see people. I miss my friends - that much I realized when I had a nice conversation with Vinnie last Saturday afternoon.

Maybe this is a sign of things to come.

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