Thursday, October 13, 2005


Finally finished with the UNICEF copy, at least the first draft. I continually surprise myself with my ability to meet deadlines - it's always so difficult to start, but once I'm there, I just manage to sail along.

This is also the first time in quite a long time that I've stayed at home the entire day and I'm not quite used to it. On the one hand, I wasn't exactly bored since I had a project to finish, and I still have loads of cleaning up to do - I've noticed that ever since my ex broke up with me, I've been more disorganized, more scatterbrained. Ah well, long-term effects. Anyway, it was nice to stay at home, though both my siblings are here as well and that means we all have to carve out little pockets of space for ourselves in the house. I've been in front of the laptop for most of the afternoon, and will probably take over the PC later on.

At any rate, still no word. Still unemployed. Slightly worried, but then you can't hurry these things. After all, it's always the waiting that is most difficult for me. And besides, it's only been three days. Of course, yesterday, I sort of realized that I had a tendency to spend too much and since right now I'm on a tighter budget, it pretty much means that I can't go out and spend as much as I am often used to. It also means that I may be collecting my debts soon (Meia, I hope that you're ready...) and generally staying at home more often. At least this means I can focus more on my writing, and on the NUS thing - and yes, Tuesday is sooner than I thought. After the TOEFL results, I can deal with my transcript, and then on November 15th, my application begins.

Still, I might as well get it over and done with, yes?

Been listening to the Rent motion picture soundtrack the entire day. It stil feels odd to be able to trace the narrative arc of the film through the songs, and to find it clearer, more coherent. But still, the absence of some songs surprises me, particularly the more dialogue-heavy pieces, but then again I assume that the visuals of the movie will more than make up for that. And I love Rosario Dawson's voice - she's a more vulnerable Mimi, a raw version of the character that Daphne Rubin-Vega drew before. After all the medium of theatre and the medium of film are very different, and you can never really tell the same story twice. And yes, I stil get teary-eyed in certain parts.

Aside: I love this conversation with an American acquaintance last night.

Eric: So you're smart and educated and sexy. Why the hell don't you have a boyfriend?
Me: I have no idea.
Eric: God, are all Filipino men stupid?
Me: I don't have an answer to that as well.

Okay, now I'm sleepy.


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