Friday, October 14, 2005

Review: The 40-Year-Old Virgin

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What is interesting about The 40-Year-Old Virgin is that it manages to make some profound realizations about how our culture is so obssessed about sex without being didactic. The story of 40-year-old Andy Stitzer, the man who still kept his virginity intact despite moments to the contrary, is both laugh-out-loud outrageous and yet touching at the same time. Written by Steve Carrell, who also makes his big-screen debut in this film playing the title role, and Jude Apatow, the movie is more than meets the eye.

What I really enjoyed about the movie was that it was intelligent despite the subject matter. Let's face it, it's so easy to become crude when you're talking about sex - the subject matter lends itself quite easily to becoming a joke. And we can only stomach green jokes so far. Thankfully, the film didn't fall into that pit and instead managed to talk about sex in a hilariously profound manner. And Steve Carrell knew how to tread the fine line between funny and rude, and the film managed to destroy the stereotypes that it created in the first place.

But the weight of the film didn't rest solely on the topbilling actor, but on the entire cast. I think a large part of the success of the film is the way the actors all bounced off one another, especially the supporting male cast - it felt like watching your male friends after a round of drinking. And of course, sex is always a great topic to talk about, but also the most tiring. The movie doesn't make you weary listening to all the sex talk, and more often than not, you end up going, "Hey, that sounds like me..."

And of course, the end credits are just hilarious.

The movie pokes fun at the way our culture is so sex-oriented, that everything is about the pussy and the dick that we keep on forgetting about old-fashioned romance and the concept of virginity as something we should get rid of as soon as possible. Nowadays, we view virginity as a curse, a dirty mark on our otherwise sexually promiscuous record. But we keep on forgetting that virginity is a choice, and that it should be maintained that way.

Not that I should be saying anything about the matter anyway. ^_^

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