Monday, October 03, 2005


I am doing too many things at the same time, and it is driving me insane. Which is odd, since I usually complain that I'm doing very few things at work. Ah well. It's the nature of people to always be dissatisfied.

Anyway, a little tickle of pride: Krip Yuson mentioned me (well, my pen name) in today's KRIPOTKIN column in the Philippine Star. It was about the Maningning Miclat Award, which is pretty cool actually, since I rarely get acknowledged for my poetry nowadays and more often than not, it's the fiction that gets noticed. Anyway, he said:

As in the recent Palanca judging, again I must say that of the 28(!) entries received, a good seven or so figured in the final deliberations, any three of which could have made it as finalists. I was particularly impressed by Edgar J.C. Galang’s development. This fellow should be bagging more poetry prizes soon. Other remarkable entries that can only be identified through the contest pseudonyms behind them were those by Jude Law, Pinball Wizard, Tristan Tzarararan, Hosanna Hoces, Sundial Girl, and Pinocchio.


Anyway, freelance and dayjob aside, I really *do* need to look for a new career path. This is just not working for me. Although Nanay was right - I do need to at least have another position before actually leaving my current office. O_o The travails and problems of us twentysomethings. It boggles the mind.

Anyway, Jilly finally made me my Oktoberfest ad. Woohoo! (Of course, she also revealed one of my best-kept secrets in the world, but oh well.)

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Hehe. Off to lunch now, and more work. >_<

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