Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sleep, I've Learned, Is Good For You

My head hurts. I've been up since Saturday 7 AM til Sunday 5 AM, which is very interesting and it kills your brain as well. Not that I really mind - everything was worth it. It's just that right now, I'm craving something cold and chocolately, and I still want to have a good run around the Oval before going off to Sunday dinner.

Anyway, yesterday I was with the Adarna Book Carnival at National Bookstore in SM Bacoor. I was with another Adarna talent, Mitzi, who is an illustrator; a storyteller, Jay; and the face painter, Robby, as well as other Adarna people. We left Manila before 9 and got there around lunchtime, depsite the traffic at the Coastal Road. These people are great - there was a really amazing and energetic vibe around them, and of course working with kids are always a fun experience.

When we got to the mall, it was packed because of the 3-day sale, and pretty soon we had an audience of some 30 kids, all squirming and fidgeting and noisy and happy as they listened to the storyteller and participated in the games. Afterwards, Mitzi and I signed some books, and then hunkered down to the floor to help Robby deal with the face painting. I had the crayons, which meant that I couldn't really do fine lines, so poor kids who went to me. The cutest was this little four-year-old named Yana that Mitzi and I were just looking at: she had the largest, most curious eyes underneath black plastic glasses, and a tiny mouth that dropped into an "O" as she was listening to the stories.

Children = adorable.

We finished around 4.30 and then drove off to Manila, stopping at the nearest Jollibee to get some merienda for everyone. I never knew it was that difficult to eat hotdogs in a moving vehicle, particularly when everyone else was vying to become a comedian - and it was actually working. Thankfully, I asked to be dropped off at Megamall, which meant that there were no commuting expenses, where I met up with Elbert, Camy, and Vinnie for Saturday's karaoke night. Camy and I went shopping for an outfit for her - she's attending a party for her company, and she wanted to look for something smashing since she'll be dealing with models all night long. We found what she was looking for, of course, and even went below her budget. ^_^

Of course, since all of the SM malls were on sale, we had to brave the hordes of people, which meant that we died. >_<

And since the mall was open until midnight, that meant that we waited for Vinnie to close the store at around that time, waited for Jaime to fetch us from Megamall, bring Camy home, and then met up with Andrew, Dean, and Nikki afterwards. The comics people talked shop, and then we all sped over to Music 21 along Timog Avenue, where the boys at our table wowed the audience downstairs with their bold choices at songs. A lot of the girls from the other tables were looking in our direction rather enviously, and I just found it hilarious - especially when Andrew got down and dirty with Britney Spears' "Toxic," and the gay waitress who looked sexier than any woman I've ever met and probably has bigger breasts than me, started shimmying in front of him.

We stayed there until 4 AM, and even when the music stopped and they turned off the machine already, we were still going through several songs a capella - which is odd and fun when you hear Outkast's "Hey Ya" being sung by a bunch of people without musical accompaniment - unless you want to consider hands slapping on thighs and knees as a rhythmic thing. Jaime took Elbert and myself home, which meant that I crashed into my bed just as the sun was coming up.

And now, I'm stuck in this Internet shop, an echo from my high school days, since our mouse at home isn't working and I have some things to catch up on. >_< Oh well.

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