Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Recap - More Coherent, I Suppose

Just a little breather to expound more on the weekend -

- which found me bright-eyed and groggy at 5.30 AM in order to bring my sister to Miriam, where she'll be having her entrance exam to MCHS. This is also a wake-up call for me, since most of my dearest friends are from that particular time of my life, and so I'm hoping that whatever talents and skills she possesses right now will be honed and sharpened during her four years in high school. Despite the academic downslide and the attitude problem of most of the HS students, or so I've been told, Miriam is still one of the best schools for me, and I do hope that she'll enjoy the experience as much as I did.

At the same time, my brother is also leaving for Dumaguete. As one of the new members of the UP Debate Society, he was able to score a spot and attend the National Debate Championships, which I think is being hosted by Silliman University. Again, one of the best places in the world, Dumaguete, and probably the most memorable for me. Of course, given my scanty geographical memory, I did manage to explain how the place works, and gave him tips on how to travel. I wanted to burrow into his suitcase, actually, and just go back to see the sun set over the horizon again.

However, the rest of Saturday meant that I had to scoot over to Makati before 10 AM in order to pass by UNICEF and meet the Special Projects coordinator for the freelance job that I'm doing for them, and then over to UP Diliman for the Komikon. It was actually quite a successful event, and it was great seeing comics people - friends in the flesh and blogsphere folks I've only met for the first time. Alternated between the Comic Quest desk, where Marco, Elbert, Camy, Vinnie, and Andrew were all squished together; and the GRAIL booth, which was (again) behind a post. Despite the airy venue, the place was jam-packed with retailers and artists and writers and comics aficionados. It was actually quite exciting to see so many familiar faces.

However, as the day winded down, Hiyas, Ruben, and I made an graceful exit to meet up with some friends for dinner. As usual, we took over a large portion of Shakey's Katipunan and it was just nice to sit down and catch up with people who, for one reason or another, has been out of your life for a long time because of different lives. Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than expected, because Marie fetched me and we went over to Purple Haze in order to be a bit player (and when we say bit, we mean teeny-tiny little critter-type bits) at the first music video shoot of Los Chupacabras' carrier single, "Patay na Babae sa Loob ng Bahay." It mainly involved sitting in front of the band and nodding your head in time to the music. O_o Afterwards, the gig commenced properly and we all had most of the entire evening catching up with everyone

Got home late (or early, depending on how you want to look at it) and crashed into bed, only to wake up with less sleep than I expected and a late lunch. My dad arrived soon afterwards, and we decided to head over to Gateway to watch Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and I also managed to purchase what should be the beginnings of a corporate attire - I just need some sensible pumps and maybe black slacks, since I bought a nifty skirt and a couple of blouses instead. Apple & Eve is now one of my favorite stores. Unfortunately, my sister was throwing an angst-tantrum and so we had to go home earlier than expected. Which is just as well. ^_^

Still, I do need sleep. Which is something I might not be getting this week. Oh well.

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