Friday, October 28, 2005

Work, Rain, and a Sense of Satisfaction

It's been raining almost non-stop since yesterday morning, making that roughly twenty-four hours' worth of rain. While I enjoy the occassional shower, particularly when I am inside an enclosed space that's relatively dark, with lots of pillows and a warm blanket, and perhaps a television somewhere within remote control vicinity, there is something to be said about trudging down Metro Manila streets while water drips down your arms despite the umbrella, and your bag is soaking wet, and you can't do anything about it except walk faster.

In other words, walking from Emerald Avenue to Shangri-la in the pouring rain with your sneakers taking in water faster than a sponge is no picnic.

But aside from the commute, work, at this point, is something that I think I'm enjoying. Particularly when the bosses take me out of the office and into the wild - I like these little trips that have always something to do with the business, and how they show me around and teach me the ropes. It's like going to school, and having field trips, and then taking a practical exam later.

However, the concept of saving is still rather alien to me. Particularly since I think I'm not yet on the payroll at this point, my poor widdle savings is my major source of cash right now. And while I don't mind spending for important stuff - food, transpo, sanitary napkins - sometimes I just notice the cost of goods more. And it kind of frightens me, because I am perfectly aware of how much I spend per day, and I know that I will have to start tightening my purse strings, and so here is another exercise at discipline.

Oh, and November 1 is coming up and I have all my important documents with me for NUS already - or at least what I think they'll ask for. The official TOEFL score will be mailed a month after the test, which means I'll get it around November 18 or thereabouts. But I got my transcript already and certificate of graduation, and it just feels so official and so final that I'm not a student anymore and that I have been effectively booted out from my little safe haven and into the wide, wide world.

And yet another part of me is perfectly aware that I am exactly where I've always wanted to be, and hoping that things are better from here onwards.

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