Friday, November 25, 2005

Christmas Wish List 2005

For the materialistic girl in me:

1. Creative MuVo MP3 player (512 MB) - which is relatively cheap at Php 5,000+ since what I initially wanted, an iPod Mini, goes for about Php12,000+ which is insane.

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Obviously, I want the pink one. If not, the white.

2. New headphones - take note that I want headphones, and not earphones. It's for the office, mainly, since I miss my music.

3. Kodak CX 7300 - because I want to be a digicam whore and stop borrowing Oja-chan's digital SLR.

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4. CD burner + new secondary hard drive + more RAM - for the computer at home. Yes, it *is* sad when you have to live with a 12GB hard drive for months without a possibility of replacing them.

5. (for old time's sake) A new radio - because my radio at home has been with me since sixth grade. SIXTH GRADE. Can you imagine the state it's in right now? In fairness, Sony does great products that really do last. ^_^

For the sorta-kinda-moralistic/emo girl in me:

1. For us to last. ^_^

2. For the parents to at least start talking to each other again.

3. For my NUS application to push through.

4. To be able to finish my dragon story in time for the deadline.

5. To write either a proper short story or poetry collection for the 2006 Palancas.

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