Thursday, November 17, 2005

Falling into Place

Joyful joyful, Lord we adore thee
God of glory, Lord of light
Hearts unfold like flowers before thee
Fill us, fill us with the light of day

- traditional Christian hymn

Watched Sister Act and Sister Act 2 a couple of nights ago on Star Movies, and remembered how much fun it was to just go around singing on the top of your lungs during Mass. Mass songs are amazing to sing, just because the way the melody and the lyrics are structured, so that you power your voice with emotion. Can't believe that those movies were circa 1993 and earlier. The hair, those clothes, Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't even have breasts then - at least not the way they are right now. And Lauryn Hill can sure sing. I wonder what happened to her and the Fugees.

Right now, this is just my five-minute breather before plunging back into the real world. Work takes up most of my time, and my friends the rest of what little time I still have. We are rightsmackdab in the middle of the most hectic times during the year, or so the Boss says, and I can see that: project after project, pitch after pitch, it's quite difficult to keep everything straight. I am dealing with things piecemeal - listing all of my current tasks down and just going through a daily task list everyday and crossing off items as we go along. I never notice time move so quickly that it's amazing that we are even in the office for the entire day.

Freelancing is another thing altogether, and things are also on a roll. Wrapping up two big projects and beginning a couple of new ones as well. And there's also that book offer that's just amazing, and I'm excited to begin writing that one. Of course, creatives have to take the backseat for awhile; the craft brings food to the proverbial table, and now more than ever I need to be financially stable. ^_^ What is lovely about all of these side projects is the learning experience you gain, and knowing what you can and cannot achieve, and accepting your limitations is perhaps a sign that we are growing up.

And when you're down, there's really no way to go but up. And I think that, from this point onwards, it's just about to get better.

I am just happy that things are falling into place, like little puzzle pieces, or words to a poem that fit the it like a glove. And it's not just work-wise. I find that I am discovering new things as I go along, and maybe it's this time that I can safely say that I have written the last chapter to my old life, and now I can start anew, with a new book and fresh, clean sheets. It's a great feeling.

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