Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hello, Curveball

N and I watched Harry Potter last night after meeting with a potential buyer for their business. He fell asleep, the poor dear, somewhere between the dragons and the Yule Ball, his arms entwined with mine and his head on my shoulder. I am a convenient pillow after all. Didn't want to bother him - he's been up since midnight, traveling from Laguna, where he lives. Still, it seems that he managed to get a good night's sleep after all, which is good.

It's difficult to be with someone who lives a couple of provinces away and who only comes to Manila when he has to do something for the family business - his family owns a bakery in Liliw, and being the only child, it falls on his shoulders the responsibility to take care of it and make it better, which he is doing admirably. I don't mind the long-distance aspect of it: if there's one thing that I'm prepared for, it's the fact that I can take care of myself. He is not someone who completes me, but complements me, and I think that's more important.

It's been rather difficult to write about something so transient, wondering if this is only a dream, that he found me at the right place and the right time, that everything just fell into place when he arrived and now I am in a better place that I've ever been with every aspect of my life. I never expected or hoped that it would be something like this, and that he is here, and that he wants to stay for a very long time (he wants to stay! with me! amazing!) and to just be...together.

Here is someone I can trust to be here for me, and who I can invest in without fearing that he will disappear all of a sudden. It always helps to be friends for years, I suppose, before going to the next step. For someone who's always thought that love is all about fire and ice, extreme polarities, this is surprisingly normal and calm and just...feels right. I can't wait to start settling into this relationship.

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