Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just Around the Corner

It's almost the weekend, and I'm just excited that Saturday is around the corner. This week is slowly straightening out, and I'm just glad that I'm finishing up the projects assigned to me this week, despite the stress and insanity that accompanies it. He's been such a lovely presence throughout the week, steadfast and practical, pulling me down to earth without making me feel like an idiot, and assuring me that he is just there.

Earlier, I was telling G that this relationship feels just right: that it came at the right time, that it wasn't delivered with bells and whistles and the grand sweeping emotions that I've come to characterize falling in love with. It's almost like we just fit into this frame that was just made for the two of us, and there's really no question about it - whatever doubts or anxieties I've had about being with him are slowly disappearing, and he's just being so steadfast and reliable that I am almost surprised that he's just there, and at this point, I'm just grateful.

But gosh, I'm just having so much trouble writing anything remotely creative. I haven't written a half-decent poem since around June or July - most of which I submitted already to an anthology. I still have to get started on that dragon story for Vinnie and prepare for a lot of things for the coming year. 2006 seems to loom brighter and clearer with every passing day, and I'm hoping that things will be even better.

And of course, there's NUS to look forward to. ^_^ And Saturdays, always Saturdays.

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