Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Slinging Ink: Teh Famileh

So there comes a point in every newly-minted couple's life when the tedious yet frightening duty of meeting either set of parents/families arrive. In fairness, I do not impose this kind of requirement until a month or so has passed - after all, you are still in the process of getting to know each other, and building this nice little cushiony foundation that will forever be a boon and a bane in any relationship. And besides, my family isn't exactly what you'd consider normal. (Various cousins that the reader has probably met are indications of faulty mental wiring.) I mean, my brother and sister are bad enough - wait until the Dans cavalry arrives.

However, it seems that he has no compulsion whatsoever to wait. After all, I met his mother already, and we weren't even together then. (And yes, that was odd. Nice, but odd.) Now, the invitation to spend a weekend in Laguna has arrived. Apparently, several relatives from the States are arriving within the week, and a family reunion in their hometown is in order. And since it also seems that we are pretty serious, it's time to meet his family. And from what I've been hearing, what he doesn't have in siblings (as an only child), he is making up for in cousins.

Of course, I am all sweet and nice when I say yes - after all, there isn't much I won't do for a boyfriend (which has been proven time and again, much to my dismay) but the wisdom behind meeting his family this early in the relationship is something I cannot quite grasp. Of course, we can all say, "But you've been friends for years!" and other similar things but the fact of the matter is, I am deathly afraid of meeting his family.

We have to face facts here: I am deathly afraid of making a mistake - from anywhere as stupid as having food between my teeth or slipping on the floor to saying something wildly inappropriate given my propensity to suddenly spout off idiotic things at the most inopportune moment. And of course, I am afraid that his family won't like me. (Well, he says his mom likes me...but still!) And besides, I'm not quiet Maria Clara type - I'm the happily loud Manila girl type who speaks in straight English and looks like a 16-year-old.

So not cool.

But, like I said, sooner or later it always comes to this. And I might as well behave and act accordingly and not shame my parents into thinking that they didn't raise a proper daughter. (But then who am I to kid? I'm so not the proper daughter.) And besides, it might not be so bad. A weekend in the province might be exactly what I need after the insanity of the past couple of weeks at work. And it's a great opportunity to see his environment and where he grew up, and just basically uncover all these tiny little secret things that words can never really describe. And I suppose a part of me is also excited: I want to prove to his family that he didn't make a mistake in choosing me, and that he does have good taste, and that we can make this work.

And besides, this means I have leverage once the next big Dans event comes along. ^_^

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