Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Turning Luck Around

So it's been a pretty shitty week last time around - another emotional foul-up (which has been smoothed out, thankfully), getting hospitalized, the constant gray skies, my phone being stolen, not being on my best behavior during the weekend's social events. I'm hoping, however, that things will be better this time around. After all, today I begin my sojourn into NaNoWriMo land, with nothing more than a strange and flimsy plot that I am not sure where it will be going. And then I still have the following things to do:

1. Figure out how to use my new Nokia 2650 - yep, that phone that looks like a deck chair when you open it. For some strange reason, the names of people who text refuse to appear when I receive the message. >_< Can someone help me please?
2. Finish an article that was due last Friday.
3. Brainstorming for an upcoming project at work.
4. Begin application for NUS as soon as I get all the paperwork together.
5. Finish my stories for Vinnie, Ginny, and scripts for Elbert and Andrew. (Argh!)

And I did make a promise to Meia, so if anyone needs me these days, I'll probably (try) to be at home after work and I'll only be available for evenings out Fridays and Saturdays, unless it's extremely important - like a Los Chupacabras gig or something like that. Mainly it's to save money, but also to give myself a breather from all these social gatherings. While I love my friends very much, sometimes I also need a little time for myself. Especially right now, with writing projects - creatively and professionally - piling up my proverbial plate, I really need to conserve my energy and time and finish these things before the deadlines.

I'm listening right now to Spongecola's Palabas, from which the lyrically-inept song "Gemini" came from. It's actually quite interesting how they structured the entire album around the narrative of Romeo & Juliet (yep, the Shakespeare play that has been much performed, both onstage and on-screen), and in fairness, some of the songs are not half-bad. I think I have my new soundtrack for this month, at least. I also bought Soapdish's self-titled indie record - maybe I'll listen to that tomorrow. I really need to buy a CD player/MP3 player one of these days, maybe when I have cash to spare, and once I get a new PC at work, some decent headphones. I still miss having music while working, but ah well, sometimes one just has to take things in stride. At least I'll be moving out of the pantry soon.

Or at least I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best. ^_^

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